Uniforms of Reality

A dignity is proposed to pragmatic post-wfh footwear, uniforms of reality, attuned to the contradictions of the cultural moment.
Through fabrication and methodology, an equal magnitude is given to each genre of silhouette – created to serve comfort while schlepping laptops to and from offices in every facet of reality. We offer significance, a lasting staple for all women, abjuring normalcy.

PAZZION’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection is abjuring normalcy and giving main character energy.

The PAZZION girl is ready to head out and about once again – to live and be inspired. Elevate ordinary to extraordinary in every facet of reality: savour comfort and invite more play while schlepping laptops to and from offices, sauntering into late-night parties and soirees, and going from gym to brunch – the possibilities are endless!

Snatch up pieces from Singapore fashion and lifestyle brand PAZZION’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection that are destined to become your go-to this season for the true embodiment of easy elegance. With an array of textures and silhouettes, the new collection breathes life into the new norm – the age of hybrid working. These shoes and bags are for going places. The freedom is yours.

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