Introducing #Thoughtful, our journey towards responsible sustainability; a mission to protect Mother Earth.

Since time immemorial, She has been here. So in the spirit of consideration and gratitude, it's time for us to be equally present — more than ever. As we reflect on the past, present and future, we strive to evoke high-impact conversations that drive low-impact habits. In everlasting support of the environmental movement, being thoughtful — from utilizing reusable utensils to minimizing waste and carbon emissons is essential to what PAZZION stands for. Together as one, igniting much-needed change from the inside out.

Coffee Soap Bar

Teamwork makes the dream work - at PAZZION, we believe partnerships are key to fuelling real change. Transforming our vision to reality, we collaborated with local, home-grown brand - Slippery Business. #Thoughtful-ly handmade and in sustainable fashion, used coffee grounds from our PAZZION Café were reborn as practical soap bars.

Get one of these environmentally-conscious soap bars for free when you purchase any of our sustainably-made shoes. One step at a time, habit-by-habit - embark on a community-driven journey with us today.


Discover a series of thoughtfully designed styles, made for the conscious shoppers.

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