Corporate Social Responsibility




Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme – PAZZION CARES was launched in July 2014 with the goal to make a positive impact in the lives of the communities in which we operate in.


By varying the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, PAZZION tries to help different groups of society, raises awareness for different issues, and inspires other corporations/consumers to give back to society.


To PAZZION, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a few initiatives it runs, it is actually part of the business model and staff culture that reflects these values.


“We rise by lifting others. PAZZION is the firm believer in giving back to the community and I have created a business model and company staff culture that reflects these values. All my employees and I are dedicated and proud to be part of such initiatives to give back to the local society.” said Mr Ng, Director of PAZZION.


Since July 2014, PAZZION has been providing care packages which include food and other necessities to low-income families. All office personnel enthusiastically participate in the drive, which includes personally packing and delivering the care packages to individual housing units. The PAZZION team also spends time engaging the elderly residents in games and other interactive activities such as sing-along sessions.

In addition to this bi-monthly activity, PAZZION also had the following Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives running:


DSA Pazzion Cares

Dream Up: PAZZION wants to bring about a community of acceptance and appreciation of diversity while giving others a platform to shine. Hence PAZZION collaborated with Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) to release an exclusive recycle bag to generate greater awareness about Down syndrome and to dispel common misconceptions that are associated with those with this condition. 

Tom Ng, the founder of PAZZION shared that “In alignment with our vision of PAZZION CARES, we are committed to helping the less fortunate and making a difference in our society. We are therefore honoured to collaborate with the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore). We want to advocate for equal opportunities for those with Down syndrome and assist them to make lasting contributions in society.” 


The Pink Campaign:  As a women’s shoe brand, PAZZION cares deeply about women’s issues, particularly women’s health. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore. PAZZION, therefore, wants to be part of the greater movement to raise awareness and break the taboo around breast cancer. PAZZION strongly believe that greater knowledge and awareness will eventually lead to early detection of the disease, which is the associated with higher long-term survival rates.

Besides raising awareness and breaking the taboo, PAZZION supports Breast Cancer Foundation by making a yearly donation. In addition, PAZZION design a limited-edition shoe every year so literally creates an eye-catching reminder which women can wear. 30 – 50% of the sales goes directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Till date, PAZZION has raised more than $50,000 for BCF through sales proceeds of a limited-edition Pink Ribbon Shoe since 2013.

Go Red For Women Campaign: Women’s health issues are the linchpin in PAZZION’s CSR efforts. Go Red For Women Campaign is PAZZION latest initiative in order to raise social awareness for a serious topic as nowadays one in three Singaporean women dies of cardiovascular disease. Supporting the Singapore Heart Foundation, a limited edition designer tote was launched, whereby 50% of the net proceeds will directly go to the foundation.


Earth Hour Campaign: Earth Hour is a worldwide known initiative to increase environmental awareness by a lights-off event. PAZZION encouraged consumers to take eco-friendly shopping decisions and rewarded them for saying NO to their paper shopping bag. PAZZION has been supporting this meaningful initiative since 2012.


Singapore Children’s Society: PAZZION believes every child deserves the chance to grow up in a safe and pleasant environment. By supporting the Singapore Children’s Society, they want to provide sustainable funds on a continuous basis to the society to continue all their great initiatives in order to protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions in Singapore.