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Summer Cruises

That You Should Go In 2019

Go On. You Deserve A Break.


With summer and the school break just around the corner, plans for the perfect holidays should be in the pipeline. Whether you are a solo traveller or travelling with your friends, family or loved ones, instead of choosing for an evergreen destination, go for a cruise adventure!

Here are the top three summer cruises that need to be on your travel bucket list for the perfect voyage.


The Bahamas


If you are searching for one-of-the-kind experience, the Bahamas needs to be on your travel itinerary. As one of the favourite port-of-call for many cruise lines, the Bahamas boasts one of the world’s clearest water. Spreading over 700 islands, it’s no surprise why this ecological oasis is a clear winner.  

Photo: Disney Cruise Line

Ideal For: Family with young children   

Hot Travel Tips: If you looking for a Bahamian adventure, start your embarkation port with options from Miami, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades or from NYC. Consider Disney Cruise LineDisney Dream - with stopovers at Castaway Cay, an exclusive private retreat for Disney cruise guests set for a mega-themed day at the beach. After all, its Disney! A stopover at Nassau, the capital, for first-time travellers is a must. Stroll through Downtown and Bay Street for duty-free shopping.

Photo: Disney Dream Staterooms

Whether it’s on board the ship or off-board, bring your inner child out and be charmed away! Explore the various Disney-themed facilities on board from the Millennium Falcon room in the Oceaneer Club to the Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats for those with a sweet taste bud.


101 Cruise Tips: When embarking on a cross-continent cruise where a flight is involved, be wise and pack your carry-on bags with clothes to change, prescription medication and essentials. In the event, if your check-in luggage goes missing by the airline while on your way to the cruise, at least you have your crucial pieces to tide you over before it’s found.

Featured style102-5 Ballerina-Inspired Sneaker Flats

Styling Tips: Go for a tropical feel in a high waist Bermuda shorts. Don’t forget your sunnies, straw hat, sunscreen and aloe to counter the Bahamian sunshine. Pack light and travel comfortably in a pair of ballerina-inspired flats once your ship has docked.

The Mediterranean

If you desire luxury, get aboard on the Seabourn Cruise Line famed for its outstanding customer service and ultra-luxury cruises. Unlike mega cruises, the Seabourn fleet caters for a more intimate experience with a nimble fleet that is able to call at smaller ports and leave you with tons of memorable moments.

Photo: The Seabourn Ovation

Ideal for: Luxury seekers with a penchant for adventurous exploration.

Hot Travel Tips: Choose from your desired routes such as a wondrous journey through southern European port of call starting from Piraeus, Greece and arrives in Barcelona, Spain passing through various Italian ports such as Naples, Rome, Toulon on board the Seabourn Ovation.

Apart from this, there are two other popular routes such as Malta to famed stopovers such as Mykonos, Santorini, and ending in Greece on the Seabourn Encore and the North African route. If you have more time to spare, opt for the 2 weeks journey from Lisbon, Portugal, through Moroccan ports to the likes of Casablanca, the Canary Islands and arrive at Barcelona on the Seabourn Odyssey.

Photo: Mundy Cruising


The Seabourn Ovation is a five-star floating hotel that truly lives up to its name with stunning ocean viewing rooms equipped with luxe soaking tubs and world-class dining experience.

Photo: Seabourn Cruise

101 Cruise Tips: Be wise when packing your check-in luggage. If you have a tendency to overpack, deploy the Marie Kondo method to keep yourself in check! When travelling with the family, spread out the belongings so that if a luggage goes missing, everyone will have some clothing. Never pack valuables in checked-in baggage. 


Featured Style335-2 Classic Chunky Heels

Styling Tips: Go for the class act befitting of your luxurious princess persona. Sit by the pool, hang out in a flowy chiffon dress with a sculptural chunky heel for the perfect match and keep your camera close by your side for those gram shots anytime!

Taste Of Japan

Photo: Bolsover Cruise Club

Ideal for: Value Hunter

Voted as one of the best cruise lines in Asia by Women’s choice, discover the beauty of Japan upon Princess Cruise Line on an 8 days round trip with the port of call from Tokyo to Kushiro, Korsakov, Russia and OtaruReasonably priced, hop on the Diamond Princess with plentiful of standard amenities to keep you preoccupied throughout the journey.

PhotoDavid Greenwell

101 Cruise Tips: If you want to travel light, consider to have your laundry done onboard. Make sure to check that self-service laundromats are provided and bring along travel detergent to rinse out undergarments in your cabin’s bathroom or Febreze out a gently worn outfit for another additional day.

Featured style6352-8 Classic Loafer Mule

Styling Tips: Go easy breezy in a strappy jumpsuit paired on with a comfortable classic loafer mule as you enjoy the cooling ocean breeze or opt for a basic white top and a geometric printed dress with a buckle front loafer to complete your ensemble.

Featured style901-1 Buckle Front Loafer


What are you waiting for?

Pack your bags, shoes and set sail now!



102-5 Ballerina Flats

335-2 Chunky Heels

901-1 Buckle Loafers

6352-8  Loafer Mule

6352-8  Loafer Mule

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