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Styling tips from Instagrammable mom and daughter duo

Fashion’s new power couples are mother-daughter duos like Audrey Tan and Kayla Sim, who prove that dressing for two is double the fun.

“She prefers chicly co-coordinated than identical or matching outfits.”

Audrey Tan defines the multi-hyphenate millennial mum. In this episode, we catch up with this cool mom who wears multiple hats - from being the entrepreneurial co-franchisee behind two of Singapore’s stretchy cheese toast cafes; co-owner of an award-winning preschool; girl boss at a portrait photography studio; lifestyle blogger; social media influencer and mum to two toddlers – on how to style for the perfect mother-daughter twinning moments and tips to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

While this would pose a challenge for many, Audrey makes it all look like one big adventure: endlessly fun and deliciously Instagram-worthy!

Seeing Double – Fashionable Styling Tips for Mother & Daughter Duos

No matter what’s the occasion, twinning always makes dressing up more fun. Steal some tips from Audrey on how to make matchy-matchy wear with your little one adorable and not tacky.

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BB8988-23 Kids White Classic Sporty Sneakers

Tip 1: Staying Fashionable as a mum

Draw inspiration through social media and travel experience

You get to see how people all over the world live, wear, and even how they dress their kids. In fact, seeing how others raise their kids was an eye-opener for me. Through my travel experience, I decided that when I came back to Singapore, I wanted to be a “play mum” and now I make a point of bringing them out to play a few times a week.

Look 1

  • Play with dainty pieces and exude feminine vibes in a little white dress, paired with comfortable white sneakers to complement the look.
  • Layer with a denim jacket to keep your little one warm in air-conditioned places.

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BB1620-1721 Kids Silver Glitter Toe Flats 

Look 2:

• Go nautical chic in a stripy blue getup complete with conspicuous metallic loafers to make your look pop.

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Look 3:

• When in doubt, wear black.
• Take your LBD out to play and twin with your little tot. Jazz up the look with a pair of eye-catching ballet flats in red.

Featured styles: 1801-1 Black Danity Bow Flats, BB1801-1 Kids Black Crystal Bow Flats

Look 4
Go into a botanical frenzy

  • Florals never go out of style.
  • Go all out and accessorise with a straw hat and slip into a pair of classic black ballet flats adorned with a bow.

How do you celebrate the festive season?

One of the first things we do is put up the tree and wrap all the presents together. We always pick a colour scheme. Last year, we had red, white, silver decors. This year’s palette is still in the works! Having two dogs that love to play with the décor balls, we get a lot of mileage out of the trimmings even after the tree comes down.

What is your idea of a countdown party?

It’s changed a lot since I had kids! Now, New Year’s Eve tends to be a small, intimate gathering that works for the adults as well as the kids. We had a barbeque at our house one year; another year, we had family and everyone brought a dish, then my husband and I headed over to a friend’s house for an adult’s only party after.

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