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Guide to DIY Table Styling with Yuli Maria

As the saying goes, the first impression counts. Whether its hosting a grand year-end party,  an intimate dinner affair for friends and family or a meal with business associates, getting the right table setting helps to enhance the atmosphere and put everyone else in the mood.


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With the festive season around the corner, we sat down with Singapore-based professional food stylist, Yuli Maria, who has extensive experience in the food industry in providing styling from fast food joints like McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut to luxury hotels like the St. Regis and the Marriott, for some DIY tips to make table curation fun and enjoyable than a chore whether it is a formal or informal dining.



Tip 1: Decide On The Theme


  • Before picking on the tableware and start the table setting, ensure the environment is appropriate for the theme.
  • The theme in turn sets the overall tone – the plates, culinary, props, flowers to be used.



Tip 2: Food prep & styling


  • Envision how your dish to turn out and list down what you’ll need – from plates, props, ingredients to garnishes.
  • Cook the dish and style to your liking.
  • Excite your guests and list down your signature dishes on the menu.
  • Add new dishes to freshen things up.


Tip 3: Add a personal flair


  • Stick to the original theme you have decided.
  • But, bend the rules to fit your style.
  • For advanced hosts, mix and match two themes together.



Tip 4: Plan, plan, plan



  • To speed things up, label the plates and props you intend to use for table setting a day before.
  • Add garlands, candles, coasters or other decors but avoid cluttering the space excessively.
  • Keep the traffic area on the table as open as possible.
  • Layer the top with themed tablecloth to liven up the atmosphere.


Tip 5: Pay attention to details


  • Add some garnishes as the finishing touch to your dish can instantly elevate the entire setting, so go ahead and be creative.
  • Delight your guests with a unique fruit plate.


Other party preparation tips

  • Create a theme and dress code for more party fun and plan a few party activities while waiting to countdown.
  • Some games will jazz up the party atmosphere, while others will share with one another about the highlights of the year.


Go the extra mile with a personal gift. It doesn’t have to be something costly – after all, it’s the thought that counts. When in doubt, choose something that can be of use to the recipient.


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