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Empowering Through Self-Care

Self-Care: Why You Need To Make It A Priority

Don’t forget to show yourself some love. It's easy for us to get caught up with the daily hustle to the extent that we might neglect our well-being. When the going gets tough, it’s okay to slow down and recharge.

We hear from two inspiring artisan women who find their place in the world, who make their own rules, are comfortable in their own skin, who find strength in vulnerability, what they really think, and who they are underneath it all.

Meet Lucinda Law (

40-year-old botanical artist Lucinda Law’s ( Instagram greets one with a foliaceous feed akin to an enchanted forest. The founding director of nature-led studio Within started painting in 2016, after her sabbatical as a senior lecturer in cultural studies of fashion to pursue a life closer to nature.

What keeps you going daily?

Lucinda: I look forward to finding out what the day will bring. I love creating botanical artworks and experiences for people to enjoy the beauty of nature and art therapy. Once our well-being is being looked after, we will naturally produce meaningful results and fulfilment in our lives. 

What does empowerment mean to you?

Lucinda: Awareness and mindfulness allow me to design my own life with greater clarity. I focus on how I want to live my life because this life is mine to control. I find the most optimal way to live my life and my interactions with other people. In so doing, I respect others and how they want to live their lives. I am an empowered woman because I empower other women.


What is your idea of self-care?

Lucinda: Looking after yourself in mind, body, emotion and spirit. If you signed yourself for physical training or exercises to look after your body, don’t be shy to go to a trusted professional counsellor for your emotional health as this is often overlooked but essential to self-care. Meditation is also an important part so we can find greater peace.


How do you strive for balance in your life?

Lucinda: I make a list of my priorities and goals to gain clarity of how they fit into my life and regularly review them to find the centre point.


We all have our vulnerabilities. How do you turn yours into strength?

Lucinda: Having vulnerabilities is part of learning and growing – they stem from fear-based thoughts and old life scripts. Recognising they do not help in any ways and breaking through them with greater understanding helps me achieve my dreams.

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Meet Ros Lee (@polkaros)

A browse through the quirky feed of lifestyle product designer 36-year-old Ros Lee (@polkaros) has made us dotty for the spot. The artist has always had a penchant for pottery and first learnt the skills from her father.

Having found her calling in the arts, she pursued her passion with the aim of creating everyday objects with a colourful twist – giving birth to the name Polkaros. She hoped her works would carry the same characteristics as the polka dot pattern - happy, timeless and simple, just like how life should be amidst our busy schedules.


What keeps you going daily? 

Ros: The need to create and the ability to dream.


What does empowerment mean to you? 

Ros: Freedom to choose what you want to do with your life.


What is your idea of self-care?

Ros: My idea of self-care is being in touch and at ease with my inner self – it’s important as everything is connected to your well-being. Personally, I find the process of creating things with my hands a very important part of my self-care regimen. When doing so, the mind and body are in collaboration and you get to review your inner self. The mind gets into a meditative state when you get the hang of what you are doing. I hope everyone will get a chance to make something with their hands and experience this method of self-care.


How do you strive for balance in your life?

I am quite a workaholic as I love what I do too much. Thus, I now try not to work on Sundays and spend more time with my family.

We all have our vulnerabilities. How do you turn yours into strength?

I think we feel vulnerable because we fear to lose the comfort in our current situation. Over the years, I have learned that change is constant and might not always be a bad thing. Keeping an open mind to new things, embracing changes and challenges that come my way is how I turn my vulnerabilities into something positive.

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