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Unleash Your Inner Fan Girl In Style at BTS Concert 

Tips to get your celebrity crush's attention

There is no better way to start 2019 on a high note than to partake in one of the world’s biggest boyband gig as K-pop sensation group BTS will be in town on 19 January for their Love Yourself world tour.

Even if you are not one of the lucky ones to get hold of the tickets to the gig, here are the top tips to unleash your inner fangirl and stand out from the crowd to get your oppas attention


The Inner Comfort Banshee

Featured Style: 1718-42 Metallic Buckle Flats

Your Fan Character
: You get so excited and enjoy your fandom life that you are probably enlisted to the BTS ARMY. With the droves of BTS ARMY fans expected to swarm these heartthrobs the moment they touch down, you will be easily drowned out as they scream their lungs out. Instead of going head on with the rest of the banshees, win your celebrity crushes over with an eye-grabbing outfit.

: Experiment with a sleek look in a two-piece striped suit and slick your hair back for an androgynous touch that your oppas might want to cop. 

Pro-dressing tip
: Turn to those trusty comfortable flats for hours of standing, jumping and screaming while a touch of metallic sheen adds glamour to your ensemble.


The Feminine Know-It-All Fangirl

Featured Style: 128-1 Crystal Buckle Sandals


Your Fan Character: In your social circle, you are probably known as the walking encyclopedia, you literally know EVERYTHING and can remember all their details, every interview, show appearances, song titles, lyrics, downright to their birth dates without batting an eyelash. Girls, you know you are probably over the moon but you need to contain the excitement and maintain your class when meeting your celeb crushes.

: Sashay around and turn heads in a feminine chambray maxi dress that’s sure to draw attention to you. Who knows? You might even get to lock eyes with your bae.

Pro-dressing tip
: Go for a slight elevation with a pair of with a pair of metallic sandals set on a just-right heel. This will give you an edge over the other pushy concert-goers. Say no more – simply keep your look breezy and let these sandals do the talking.

The Girl Boss

Featured Style: 5609-18 Embellished Pointy Front Heels

Your fan character
: You literally spell ‘BACK OFF’ all over you. Nobody ever messes with your fandom or your idols and gets away with it. Don in the armour of righteous fandom, any hints of insult to your fandom will not go unpunished. If that happens, you will literally b-slap them.

: Rushing for a concert is a piece of cake to you. A #GirlBoss look is just as apt for a concert. Simply ditch your work blazer and show off your style in a basic frilly top and chic printed pants.

Pro-dressing tip
: A pair of heels is the perfect companion for you to transit from office to concert. You strut in confidence with each step. Go for a pair of pointy heels that looks great inside-out. With an added layer of cushion at the back to deter blisters, while a classic appearance adds subtle elegance. Go stealthy at ease with its slip-on style.


128-1 Crystal Buckle Sandals

1718-42 Metallic Buckle Flats

5609-18 Embellished Pointy Front Heels

1718-42 Metallic Buckle Flats

5609-18 Embellished Pointy Front Heels

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