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Part II: Top Shoe Styles

Based on your Horoscope Sign

Discover your power shoes

for your star sign!


If you believe that everything is written in the stars, then you have to believe shoes have the power to best represent your style and personality. Following Part I: Top Shoe Styles Based On Your Horoscope Signs, here’s the ultimate guide for the Scorpios, Cancer and Leo girls to discover their very own power sole mate to elevate your fashion style.


23 October – 21 November


Considered as the most mysterious and complex signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are known for their strong personalities and traits. Fierce and fiery, they give off a mysterious sexy aura and exude strong charisma and know exactly how to be in the limelight.

Photos: PEOPLE, Only In High Heels


The Scorpio woman tends to gravitate towards dark intense colour palettes given their strong secretive nature. Born in this star to the likes of celebs like Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone, they channel powerful confidence at ease in stilettos while slaying the red carpet. They simply let their outfit and shoes to do the talking.

Featured Style: 1898-5A Black Bow Detailed Leather Mid Heels,  B083 Black Croc-Effect Caged Leather Bucket Bag


Recommended style for Scorpio: Passionate and ambitious, if you are a Scorpio woman, it is not much of a challenge to work in heels or stilettos.  


Style Tips: The Scorpio girl never fails to make an impression. Stand out in a glamorous pair of black bow detailed leather mid heels for a comfortable lift in a pointy toe silhouette. Pair them along with complementing pleated short dress with feminine cuffed sleeves and a high neck details that exudes a sense of mystery yet powerful aura.


Top it off with a trendy checked coat and pair it with gold bracelet and rhinestone earrings to complete your ensemble. Perfect your definitive modern outlook with a sophisticated Black Croc-Effect Caged Leather Bucket Bag or go hands-free with its adjustable strap for an alluring touch.


22 June - 22 July


Born in the same star sign as Lana Del Rey, Cancerians is an emotional and intuitive water sign that follows their heart. Cancerians go for timeless and feminine designs that are not over the top, as they like to play it safe and prefers to keep things subtle and simple. Sweet, pretty and classic styles are the way to go for this water sign. The Cancerian woman is not a trend follower but loves to be in the most elegant and classy shoes and outfits.

Photos: vogue, aol


Recommended style for Cancerians: Sticking to the classics, a slingback pointed toe flats are nothing short of femininity and practicality for the Cancerian woman. It is a modern classy design that elevates your everyday ensemble and will always complement her style.

Featured Styles: 533-1 Beige Slingback Bow Leather Pointed Ballet Flats,  181207 Red Mini Box Leather Shoulder Top Handle Bag


Style Tips: Cancerians love feminine and elegant looks. So, go for floral dresses that fills the air with sweetness. Accessorise with rhinestone hairclips or wear a soft wool beret for a lady-like appeal. Spice it up with exquisite floral organza earrings with sparkly rhinestones. Complete your overlook look in a classy minimalistic Beige Slingback Bow Leather Pointed Ballet Flats that boosts a chic sleek point-toe silhouette while well-cushioned back-straps guard you against blisters. Carry on a Red Mini Box Leather Shoulder Top Handle Bag for the cute retro lunchbox bag look!


23 July - 22 August

Leo women desires being at the centre of attention. This lioness is a confident fire sign that loves to express their mood through their fashion styles. Its no surprise sporting they are sporting the latest trends and slaying in the most daring ensemble. They enjoy loud and attractive colours like red, gold and black.  They can be seen wearing animal prints, faux fur, sequins or any items that are eye catching.

Get inspired by celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, by her stunning looks and how she pulls off bold colours and prints effortlessly. Makes little wonder for her recent award as the Council of Fashion Designers of American’s Fashion Icon Award.

Photos: PEOPLE, HawtCelebs


Recommended style for Leo: Make a glamorous statement with deep wine red pump heels. Sure to stand out in the crowd and keep many onlookers in awe.

Featured Styles: 1898-5A Wine Bow Detailed Leather Mid Heels and B083 Red Croc-Effect Caged Leather Bucket Bag


Style Tips: Play with prints and textures while accenting your ensemble with bold coloured heels and a bucket bag! Pair with organza puff sleeve top with leather leggings or joggers. Or if you want a bolder look, go for animal print poplin top and bring out your lioness side. Get matching animal print scarf or you can pull off a cool chic look with a nautical cap and shades! Channel your inner Leo in Wine Bow Detailed Leather Mid Heels and carry on a Red Croc-Effect Caged Leather Bucket Bag.


22 December - 19 January


Like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, this hardworking earth sign appreciates quality leather and fine craftsmanship. The Capricorn woman is characterised as one who is well-organised and divide fashion into for work or play. Capricorns love to dress fashionably but conservatively, hence anything revealing is taboo. 


A highly productive person, Capricorns are always packed with multiple engagements. it is important to look polished and nothing short of elegance. This earth sign love to keep things cosy and with a sophisticated flair. Not to mention their love for vintage items and neutral earthy tones.  

Photos: whowhatwear, thecelebritycastle,ibtimes


Recommended style for Capricorn: Indulge in lasting comfort in a pair of timeless classic loafers with a modern touch of canvas-like lace ribbons. Completed with a round-toe silhouette, stay conservatively stylish. Best companion for long days and keep your feet cosy all day!

Featured Styles: A8-1901 Camel Bow Leather Loafers and 181207 Black Mini Box Leather Shoulder Top Handle Bag

Style Tips: Turn heads around in edgy elegant satin drape blouse and pair it with lovely check knit skirt that shows Capricorn’s fine taste in styling. Accessorise with bejewelled choker and don a sparkly beret for a modern twist. Slip into a pair of comfy rich Camel Bow Leather Loafers that boasts fine craftsmanship with unique stripe lace ribbons and enjoy lasting comfort in this cosy pair. Complete your look with an edgy Black Mini Box Leather Shoulder Top Handle Bag.


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