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Part I: Top Shoe Styles

Based on your Horoscope Sign

Your Go-To shoe styles

That fit your star sign

Many of us look to our star signs to gain a better understanding of our own unique personalities. Others look to the stars to find out the best days of the month, how compatible we are with the special one or with our colleagues. Apart from these, do you know that our zodiac sign can even provide insights to the best type of shoe styles? Read on to discover your own statement pair based on these star signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces, and Libra.


21 March - 20 April


Sharing the same sign as Emma Watson, being bold and fashionable, Aries women are early fashion adopters. Assertive and dynamic, those born in this fire take-charge sign are known to be masters in mixing and matching and know how best to carry themselves. They love to play with layers and can create the most unexpected pairings that are eye-catching with their exotic fashion sense.

Photos: Starstyle, Vogue

Recommended style for Aries: Metallic Leather Slides

Featured Styles: 1896-3 Crinkled Cross Metallic Leather Slides, SB-D248 Billy Leather Compact Crossbody

Style Tips: A trendy crinkled cross strap leather slides in metallic foiled effect with well-cushioned footbed are perfect for mixing and matching for the Aries women.

Play with layers and rock in a matching set of plaid brown blazer and pans. Wear a satin v-neck top or a darlin graphic tee to boost a casual chic look. You can also go for denim jeans or pants and play with the layers. Guaranteed for the warm weather repertoire, pair with sweet pink teardrop earrings and light makeup as well as a pair of pink-tinted shades. Carry on a complimenting black billy leather crossbody bag and slip into a gold crinkled leather cross strap sandals to complete your luxe chic ensemble. Be ready to pull off this extraordinary look like nobody else.  


21 April - 21 May

Born in the same star sign as Jessica Alba, Taurus ladies are known to be reliable, loyal, practical and has a strong love of beautiful objects. Their tactile nature makes leather, velvet or satin ideal shoe fabrics to look to when selecting footwear. Comfort is crucial but she will not compromise on style.

Photos: Stylebistro, Jessica Alba

 Recommended style for Taurus: Foldable flats fulfils the practicality that the earth sign seeks yet without compromising on her fashion style. They are a bonus and practical for Taurus to switch over as and when they like!

Featured Styles: 733-2 Crystal Buckle Leather Foldable Flats, SB-D275 Metallic Chain Two-Tone Push Lock Leather Shoulder Bag


Style Tips: Taureans love things that look exquisite and luxurious while not neglecting on the soft delicate details. Go for a perfect satin dress with beautiful drape details or a glitter puffed sleeve dress. Put on hexagonal gem earrings, and top up with a diamante studded belt. Style your wavy hair with pearl hair clip and gold framed shades. Carry on a white metallic chain two tone push lock leather shoulder bag and put on a comfortable pair of silver crystal buckle leather foldable flats to stay shimmering and luxe chic for date nights. This lightweight and portable gem is also perfect for all urban travel adventures.


22 May - 21 June

Considered as social butterflies and the fashionista of all the star signs, Gemini women are always at the forefront of the latest trends. Born as the same style sign as Nicole Kidman, Gemini ladies are flexible and versatile when it comes to footwear. Adaptable, outgoing and intelligent, they are great experimenters who love to try out new things and can easily pull off any styles with confidence and grace.

Photos: Whowhatwear, Vogue, Vogue Italy


Recommended style for Gemini: A pair of glossy square toe slide sandals is well-suited for this star sign. Versatile, this chic trend-savvy strappy sandal can take a Gemini lady in fsdfkdsjkl styles. With its square apron toe front, it instantly amps up any outfits.


Featured Styles: 1933-1 Glossy Square Toe Slide Sandals, SB-D248 Billy Leather Compact Crossbody


Style Tips: Go for a polka dot puffed sleeve blouse that looks vintage chic and boosts the fun in styling, together with light washed high waist jeans. Don cat-eye shades and acrylic hoop earrings. Style your gorgeous hair locks with hair clips or pearl hairband and carry your items in our sweet melon billy leather compact crossbody. Slip into a comfy pair of gorgeous black glossy square toe slide sandals that gives the perfect height boost with its sleek silhouette.


19 February - 20 March

Due to the nature of Pisces women who are known to be gentle, friendly and artistic, her endless desire for creativity requires a matching pair of shoes that is unmistakably a work of art itself. She looks best in pastel hues like lilac, baby pink and sea green.

Photos: Instyle, Starstyle

Recommended style for Gemini: Exudes femininity in a crystal-embellished jewel strap pointy mid heels like no other horoscopes that can pull off this sophisticated pair and look as well as this water sign.


Featured Styles: LT8399-31 Crystal Embellished Jewel Strap Pointy Mid Heels, 1008 Chain Strap Crossbody


Style Tips: Sweet mini ruffled dress with floral prints or a square neck satin burgundy flowy dress is perfect for this lovely star sign. Put on a colour drop earrings or a pair of lovely beaded hoop earring to show your cute side. Cherry bomb phone case and faux pearl hairband will be perfect additions for your date look. Complete your ensemble with these Pink Crystal Embellished Jewel Strap Pointy Mid Heels with shimmery details that is sure going to captivate many people on your date night. Carry on a black chain crossbody bag and you are good to go!




23 September  23 October

Being harmonious, Librans have a fair and balanced outlook of life. Like Brie Larson, while they like things that are aesthetically pleasing, they also desire for things to stay balanced. Considered to be social animals, they enjoy elevated fashion for social activities and love to surprise others with her fashion sense.

Photos: Thefashionspot, TheHollywoodReporter

They are known to have a special liking for light fabrics and can also carry single coloured monochromatic sets really well with matching shoes.

Recommended style for Libra: A pair of elegant, silver glossy square toe slide sandals provide both a balanced, harmonious silhouette as well as the day-to-night practicality that Librans seek for. A gilded hue will provide that extra special something for the upcoming festive season.

 Featured Styles: 1933-1 Glossy Square Toe Slide Sandals,SB-D275 Metallic Chain Two-Tone Push Lock Leather Shoulder Bag

Style Tips:
Don a cute layered ruffled camo top with pencil high waist denim skirt in pink that best reflects libra’s lovely side. Put on geometric drop earrings or starfish drop earrings for a cute twist. Play around with style and team up with pink blazer for a smart chic look. Together with an almond metallic chain two tone push lock leather shoulder bag and our silver glossy square toe slide sandals, this air sign is sure to capture the hearts of many with over the top fashion


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