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How To Marie Kondo Your Shoe Wardrobe

Hacks & Tips to declutter and reorganise

with the KonMari Way In 6 Easy Steps


Touch your heart and ask yourself – are you guilty of conveniently adopting the dump and run shoe collection at the door and accumulating a messy pile of the ‘It Shoe’ from every fashion season that you simply must have or when was the last time you have taken a serious look into your shoe wardrobe.

Now, you may recall a certain Japanese organising guru who has been popping all over social media and taking the internet by storm with her household titles - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Spark Joy and most recent popular Netflix series Tidying Up.

Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to declutter and spark joy in your life with a Marie Kondo-inspired clean out for your shoe wardrobe (while reorganising your life).

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Revamping your wardrobe and getting your life organised is much more gratifying than you think. You’ll be able to find what you need easily and effortlessly coordinate your outfits – which also makes getting ready for work a lot breezier.


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The mantra behind the KonMari method is to decide what you want to keep and not what you intend to get rid of. Now, in order to decide what you really want to keep, line your shoes out and spread them across the floor to be separated by categories – ballet flats, boots, heels, loafers, sandals, sneakers, wedges, mules - lay them all out so you can rationally sort out your thoughts and decide where they belong. Where subcategories are needed, subdivide. – ‘heels’ into ‘sandal heels’ , ‘low heels’, ‘high heels’.


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Next, hold up the pair of shoes individually and ask yourself, “Does this pair spark joy?’. The philosophy that Marie Kondo has is whether that item truly bring you happiness and think about the ideal lifestyle you want– just like when you are listening to your favourite song, holding an adorable puppy in your hands or donning your favourite outfit. ­­­­



Now, If the answer is a straight no, give thanks to all the great memories that it has bring to you and discard it right away. 

Of course, things are not always as clear cut, especially if you have developed an emotional attachment towards an item. If so, prompt yourself with the following pointers to decide if that particular item should land in the trash bin or back in your wardrobe. 

You could try asking yourself if you’ll foresee yourself wearing it over and again, or if it’ll remain a white elephant in your closet. If an item has not been touched for over a year, this is an indication that you could do without it – stash this aside for donation or other recycling purposes instead. Just don’t forget to thank your items for their service before disposing them – that’s the KonMari way.


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After discarding, it’s time to get your life in order and organise. Stow your shoes in cubbyholes for easy visibility and access.

This hack is especially great for those who have a walk-in wardrobe. Not only does it keep your fancy footwear neatly in order, it also helps you to keep track of your shoe inventory so you can easily pick out shoes for your everyday wear effortlessly. 



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Instead of buying more unneeded items to revamp your shoe wardrobe, why not breathe a new lease of life into that old decorative ladder or towel rack?

Double it up as a shoe rack and proudly display your favourite heels by hanging them off the bar.

This way, you can clearly identify what heels you have and possibly add in another one or two stilettos or kitten heels that you’re positive would spark joy every time you put them on.


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Keep the items you use most often within reach by storing it at eye level for enhanced visibility. By doing so, you save yourself the trouble of having to rummage through a deep abyss of shoes.

We would suggest placing daily essentials such as flats, sneakers and loafers at this area. For those stilettos and winter boots that do not get as much mileage till party or winter season, keep them at a higher spot but remember to keep them cleaned occasionally.


Find out more about the KonMari method at and how it can transform your life with just about anything.

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