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Tips to stay focused and productive when you work remotely


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world 3 years ago, many of us were caught unprepared and had to quickly adapt and adopt new habits such as embracing flexible work arrangements. Many businesses had to revamp their systems and swiftly establish infrastructure to allow for remote working. Most of us had to learn how to remain efficient and effective in the absence of a collaborative community of co-workers.


As mandatory Work from Home situations remain a norm, learn how to stay focused and productive with these 5 simple tips.


Step 1: Set up a proper workstation


Create a space where you can work comfortably instead of just finding a spot at the dining table or on the sofa. A proper ergonomic workstation, one that helps support your body in a neutral position, can reduce the risk of discomfort or pain and allow you to sit comfortably at work, even for long hours.


Keep this space neat and organised for better work performance. Studies have shown that people tend to have better mental health and increased productivity and focus when working at a clean desk.

Step 2: Create a #WFH routine


Humans are creatures of habit. Nurturing a healthy routine is good for your brain and soul, promoting mental health and wellness through structure and organisation. Knowing what to expect with a routine in place helps you prepare for the day. Tweak your usual office habits and create a #WFH routine.

Mirror your actions as per a working day at the office. Wake up at the same time every day. Take a shower and put on makeup. Wear the clothes you will don on for work. You will feel more professional and ready for work than if you lounge around in your PJs.

With the time saved on commuting, make yourself a delicious breakfast. Unleash the domestic goddess in you and switch things up by having a go at these creative recipes to kickstart your day.  Instead of dropping by the coffeehouse below the office to grab your Americano, try getting your morning caffeine fix with PAZZION Café Drip Coffee. With 10 individually sealed coffee sachets, savour this aromatic brew using high-quality coffee beans that are carefully roasted locally to optimal temperature. 


Step 3: Make yourself comfortable

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You will spend several hours a day in your workspace, so make sure you feel comfortable and happy to be in that environment. Decorate it with family photos or beautiful ornaments such as the PAZZION x Chokmah Black Terrazzo Pill Shaped Tray. Surrounding yourself with cheery things will make you feel relaxed and lift your spirits while you are churning through the day’s work. Or light some scented candles to stimulate your cognitive senses by giving the brain a boost to increase alertness and memory. We highly recommend PAZZION Japanese Persimmon Scented Candle for that perfect sweetness and refreshing aroma of citrus. Elevate the #WFH experience by donning the cosy Blue Fluffy Wide Band Slip On Slippers that keeps you looking chic while at the comfort of your home.

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Step 4: Enjoy little indulgences

When the lines of work and home blurring together, you’re sure to be spending an increased amount of screen time on the various devices. It’s important to take breaks periodically and reward yourself with various tech-free treats to prevent burning out. Set up a personal reward system that allows you to indulge when you’ve completed a task or finished a project. Treat yourself to snacks or chocolates after you’ve submitted that report to your superior. Chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins and other neurotransmitters that makes you happy, creating a warm and fuzzy feeling. Try the PAZZION Café White Chocolate with Strawberry Fruit Bits ($12.50) for an instant mood-boosting effect.

Step 5: Stay connected

While you get to work in the comfort of your own house, remote working might also make you feel lonely at times. You might miss bonding with your colleagues over lunch or collaborating with your team. Counter this feeling of isolation by constantly checking in with your peers. 

Stay engaged with emails with your superiors. Organise virtual meetings to continue to harness the power of collaboration between team members. Drop quick messages to your staff to check on their needs. When you feel less alone, your emotional well-being is taken care of, allowing you to focus and deliver better work performance.

Try incorporating the above tips into your #WFH routine and stay productive.


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