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Summer Wedding

for the New-Age Brides

Tips for the Perfect Summer Outdoor Wedding


So, you have decided on an outdoor summer wedding to tie the knot and to say I do. But, planning for a summer wedding is no carefree affair as they come with their own unique set of baggage. Apart from fighting against the heat, humidity can spell a disaster with melted makeup.

Here are some expert tips you can take – the dos and don’ts for the perfect summer wedding. We walk you through the preparation of how to be the hottest, trendiest bride that would be the envy of your guests!

1. Choose the Right Makeup


Choose an oil-free based primer to go with your makeup foundation. It is also crucial to apply your foundation in the right manner such as buffing it in circular motions when applying them onto your skin.

Featured Style: 2639-8 Weaved Shimmery Slide Sandals

Tips:  Be sure to communicate with your makeup artist beforehand! It is important to use makeup that is durable under the sweltering sun so that you don’t have to constantly panic if your sweat is washing your bridal makeup away!

Stay refined with a minimalistic yet comfortable slider to help you keep cool and your feet well rested before your big moment. Focus on shining brightly on your special day!

2. Choose a breathable wedding gown

Featured style: 6608-1 Bejewelled Bow Foldable Flats

For a summer weather wedding, go with light fabric bridal gown that breathes. Material such as cotton, silk and chiffon are the most ideal. You want to be your best and be at the most comfortable on your big day. The last thing you want is to be sweating all over with stain marks around your armpits!

Tips: Stay breezy with light fabric flowy maxi dress with uneven hems gown and skip the heels! Go for a sweet pink look and pair with a complimenting comfortable, trusty pair of foldable flats. Who said you can’t wear flats for a wedding? New-age hipster brides do!

To elevate your walk, pair your flats with a flowy maxi dress with uneven hems, but do watch the length and ensure it falls right above your shoes. This will safeguard you against tripping but remain graceful and elegant!


3. Go for a mini dress

Featured style: 6137-1 Feminine Bow Low Heels

As you get onto the stage, skip the long train that will end up staining your dress! Layers of satin will only make you feel more burdened and stickier. Instead, opt for a white mini dress to deflect heat, stay breezy and comfortable.

Tips: Add a hint of femininity as you stroll your way down to the aisle. Pair your style with signature elegant appeal with a pointed toe silhouette. Now, you are ready to commence the walk of your life, from Miss to Mrs.


6137-1 Feminine Bow Low Heels

6137-1 Feminine Bow Low Heels

2639-8 Weaved Slide Sandals

6608-1 Bejeweled Bow Foldable Flats

6608-1 Bejeweled Bow Foldable Flats

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