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Marquee Singapore:

The Adult's Playground 

Ultimate Nightlife destination this April

One of New York’s famous nightclubs, Marquee has set its sights on Singapore and will be in town for the long haul, setting up a multi-concept dining and entertainment destination at Marina Bay Sands. Partake in the grand opening weekend and rock the night away at Marquee Nightclub Singapore! Home to many of the big boys including deejays and entertainers such as Travis Scott, French Montana, Dash Berlin and Kaskade.

Enjoy a night of eclectic vibe with the big boys including one of the greatest deejays of all time, Dutch DJ and producer Tiesto on the 12th of April and Grammy award-winning DJ, producer and artist Nick van de Wall (aka. Afrojack) on 13th of April.

Photo: Marina Bay Sands


Embrace your inner child and ride the centrepiece of the club - a full-size indoor Ferris Wheel adorned in glitter for a 360-degree view of the nightclub You wouldn’t want to get off the pod, as they each feature a photo booth for you to capture insta-moments! For the foodies, be sure to check out the Avenue, a lounge in speakeasy-style and Koma, a Japanesey eatery and sushi bar before you hit the dance floor.


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Biker Girl

 Featured Styles: SB-D090 Retro Satchel Crossbody8728-8 Brooch Front Ballerina Glossy Flats

Revel and soak in a blend of tech, design and cutting-edge music over three stories. while you take in the sights and sounds and party through the night.

How to wear it: Set a strong impression the minute you step into the club with a leather ensemble, coupled with bold, accentuated accessories such as a metallic applique bracelet and earrings with a touch of gold appeal to enhance your overall look. With the neon lights dancing on your outfit, this would set you apart from the crowd. Go bold, go strong.

Finishing Touch: Nothing is complete without the right footwear and handbag. A touch of striking burgundy red topped with a gold brooch that would add some sparkle to your otherwise dull outfit and not compromise your overall biker chic feel. Keep your monochrome feel balanced with a black retro crossbody sling for the perfect look. 

Power up your night with high fidelity music with cutting edge sound system blasting across the club synced to electrifying lights and amp up the atmosphere as you dance to the tunes of famous deejays.

Photo: Marquee Singapore


Party Animal

Photo: Marquee Singapore


Featured Styles: SB-D090 Retro Satchel Crossbody838-6 Bow Front Pointy Toe Flats

How to wear it:
Bring out the party animal in you!  Scale greater heights with a daring Zebra print blouse with its quirkiness and a brightly coloured 
outfit at Marquee to make a beyond unique statement and you’ll fit right in. Put on a striking dangling leaf earring and sashay your way through the crowd.

Finishing Touch: Think Hollywood, think bold fashion. For your bottom, go with a mustard satin trousers with drape frills and strut yourself across the dance floor in a pair of comfortable pointy toe flats with glistening diamante set on a bow trim. Don’t be afraid to go bling and dance off your shoes! Complete your look with a retro satchel crossbody with three stripes sling for all your essentials. 


Photo: Marquee Singapore


The Hidden Talent Dancer

Featured Style: 8728-8 Brooch Front Ballerina Glossy Flats

How to wear it: On the onset, you look like the typical girl with straight As and excel well academically. But, once you are on the dance floor, it is a different story altogether! You are ready to bring the house down with your dance moves!

Finishing touch: Stay elegant with a floral print top with puff sleeves and a knit skirt with fringe applique for a note-worthy attire that promises fun and set yourself apart with the rest with a pendant earrings for that oomph factor. Complete your look and slip into a pair of black glossy ballerina flats with a large gold brooch for the ultimate comfort. For all you know, you might just get the chance to rub shoulders with the deejays.

Whatever it is, party hard and stay safe with your girl BFFs!


838-6 Bow Front Pointy Toe Flats

838-6 Bow Front Pointy Toe Flats

8728-8 Brooch Front Ballerina Flats

8728-8 Brooch Front Ballerina Flats

SB-D090 Retro Satchel Crossbody 

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