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Good Vibes With

Jason Mraz in Style:

What to Wear

In case if you’ve been living under a rock, multiple GRAMMY® Award winner Jason Mraz will be in Singapore on 27 October as part of his Good Vibes summer tour. This is his only stop in Asia this year, so fans of Jason Mraz – check out our curated list of the best sole-mates you can wear to his concert and get your good vibes at the show.

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If you’re a frequent concert-goer, you should know how important appropriate footwear is. You’ll probably be doing a lot of walking and dancing. Match your stylish OOTD with these equally stylish yet comfortable shoes that will see you through from the opening act to encore. No matter how you choose to dress, we’ve got the styling tips just for you.

1. Comfy Chic

Flat shoes are clearly comfortable, but you may want something a little more jazzed up than your everyday pair for a concert. 

Featured style: M1982-1 Glossy Bow Flats

Style tips: Comfort is the name of the game. Pull out your wardrobe staples including a basic long sleeved top and fall-appropriate plaid pants and clutch bag, but take your ensemble up a notch with this pair of staple flats featuring one of Fall/ Winter 2018’s key fashion trends – bows. Bold bows are totally in again, so don’t be surprised if concert-goers compliment you on your outfit!

2. Feminine

Channel femininity as you try to catch Jason Mraz’s eye in the audience, singing along to “I’m Yours”.

Featured style:  5250-130 Pointy-Toe Lace Flats

Style Tips: Keep things simple and dainty with a plain top and jeans. Complete the look with a graceful, ballerina-approved pair of pointy-toe flats that helps elongate the legs without compromising on comfort. A glittery diamante brooch across the toes also help to add extra fashionista points to your outfit, add a classy lady bag and you might very well be his best-dressed fan.  

3. Geek in the Pink

Deck out in pink and literally be Jason Mraz’s “Geek in the Pink”.

Featured style: 3660-6 Suede Pavé Flats

Style Tips: Be pretty in pink for “it's the new colour for fall” and choose feminine hero pieces in pink to let your look stand out. Be it a pleated skirt or a dress, go all sweet and dainty in this suede pair of flats, which gives your everyday shoe an added texture in soft lamb suede leather. Brownie points if you bring a pair of geek glasses along as prop!

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M1982-1 Glossy Bow Flats

5250-130 Pointy-Toe Lace Flats

3660-6 Suede Pavé Flats

3660-6 Suede Pavé Flats

5250-130 Pointy-Toe Lace Flats

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