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A Day Out with Travel Personality Rebecca Inkka Ten

Meet Travel Personality & Digital Content Creator

With Tips to create the Perfect Instagram Feed


Meet Rebecca Inkka Ten - a travel personality and digital content creator with a keen eye for colour and composition. Her stunning and well-curated Instagram feed @beccabeczten, is sure to take you on a vicarious travel adventure, through landscape shots in Paris that are straight out of fairy tales to the picture-perfect sunset moment in Bali.

Being immersed in utterly beautiful scenes, Rebecca’s passion for globetrotting adventures plays a huge role in her creative thoughts and serves as her note-to-self to appreciate the little, beautiful things in life. It’s no wonder that they constantly inspire her to up her gram game to better share her stories.

Read on for tips from Rebecca to create the perfect gram feed.

Getting Ready: 8.00 am

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“Waking up at 4am, dressing up in a gown and walking a considerable distance to the Eiffel Tower at 10 degrees – just to catch the sunrise. Not to mention the lugging of camera equipment as well as the amount of post-editing needed thereafter!"

Tips from the pro: Mood boarding – a compilation of inspirational elements plays a crucial role for the success of her photoshoot as it helps her to pin an accurate depiction of the right mood and vibe. A trusted assistant of hers is Camera Raw, a photo editor that allows her to better control the elements, such as exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows of her photo.

At Work: 10.00 am

The 24-year old typically starts her day with a quick check on her emails and the gram, preparing a smoothie for breakfast and hitting the gym before heading out for any meetings and photoshoots.

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Tips from the pro: Rebecca’s favourite time of the day to shoot is the golden hours! It’s the most beautiful time of the day and your photos will emit a dreamy whimsical glow.


Mid-Day Breather: 2.00 pm

As a travel personality, Rebecca is blessed with the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful destinations and to work with the best hotels around the world to create fabulous shots.

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With her frequent travels out of her time zone and the constant pressure to look the best and her personal expectations for amazing quality work as a digital content creator, Rebecca finds joy in the company of loved ones, some indulgent ice-cream and a couple of therapeutic editing sessions.


Tips from the pro: Plan your feed’s grid in advance so you can visualise everything and plan the coordination of images to build a coherent feed. Rebecca uses Preview to plan her feed in advance.


Me Time: 5.00 pm

Rebecca believes that the hallmark of a good social media personality is one who uses their platform to the best of their abilities and that includes taking the time to read. So, keep your eyes peeled as she shares the beauty of the world, discovers untold stories and builds a community that aids the less fortunate around the world.

Rebecca’s Picks: 0535-206A Two-Way Ribbon Square Apron Toe Flats

Tips from the pro
: Mixing wide angle shots and close-ups to ensure your feed has a dynamic and fresh look.


Off to Dinner Event: 6.00 pm


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As a social media maven, Rebecca is invited to events all the time. To stay glam, she opts for a minimalistic black and chic look to get her going!


0535-206A Ribbon Square  Toe Flats

0535-206A Ribbon Square  Toe Flat

5470-1 Quilted Pump Heels

5470-1 Quilted Pump Heels

B1711-53 Pleated Kitten Heels

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