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Women of Strength - Fit As A Mum And More

“Find someone who inspires you to be what you want to become and if you can’t find that person, try to be that person.”

Our third inspirational story is about fitness enthusiast, Dawn Sim (@thatmomoffour), a modern wonder woman who excels in her various daily roles. From being a doting mother to her four adorable children to managing TriumFitness (, teaching yoga, and maintaining her much-envied toned physique that is a result of her diligent self-care, Dawn can juggle and manage all of that perfectly!

She is an inspiration and a “cheerleader” to those who are still trying to juggle and find balance in their life.

Keep on reading to find out more about Dawn’s personal challenges, future plans and discover how she balances her professional career and personal life at home.


Dawn Sim wearing her fitness attire and posing for PAZZION.

1. How did you get into the fitness world and decided to start your own fitness place?

I have always wanted to have my own studio after being a yoga teacher for so many years. The main purpose was to build a proper support group and to have space where students could stand together and encourage each other. Besides, the yoga teachers that I bring in are always people I know personally and therefore, I can make sure they support their students When teaching different classes and connecting with our students, I love to get involved and create that community feeling for all of them. Managing a fitness studio and a yoga space has been very difficult during the pandemic as we couldn’t organise our classes or hold any mediation activities as often as before. We are very lucky to have a good community that understands the limitations we are having during covid times and are still willing to support our business despite the inconvenience.

2. After setting up your own company, what values and ideas do you think could inspire other women?

Over time I realised I had to prioritise self-care to achieve my professional and personal goals better. You have to make sure you are taking care of yourself while making things happen. I do have a lot of activities going on such as teaching yoga, being a brand ambassador, and organising new classes at the gym, but I also had to sacrifice a lot of things in order to achieve my top priorities!

3. What motivates you to keep going every day and follow your dreams?

I am a hyperactive person, very active and love to pack my day with different tasks to make my day fulfilling. I always want to learn something new and maintain a good attitude while achieving my goals. These are some values that I follow and I always try to teach my children at home. Being able to tick off my daily tasks while juggling my family has been a great source of motivation to keep me going.

4. With a multitude of things to handle, how do you think you can inspire busy women today?

I definitely believe in setting an example and showing people or my kids how things can be done when we think goals and dreams aren’t possible. Start by put things down on paper and prioritise your effort. Of course, family is now on top of my list. But in the beginning, it wasn’t easy because I don’t like to say “no” to projects and people.


5. Do you enjoy the role of being an ambassador? What values or perspectives do to try to show when doing this?

I enjoy the ambassador work I do as I can be myself. The kind of values I do try to impart to my followers or people I know would be, to be honest, and be yourself. When you are not being yourself, people around you can see and sense that. I do focus on showing positive messages because I know there are young people, teenagers, or mothers following my social presence and projects and I do want to inspire them. Some days are of course harder than others, but we are human and when we make mistakes, we should simply learn from them.


6. Everyone is probably asking you how you deal with all your projects, personal life, and your four children plus a dog, right? How do you organise your days? Where do you find motivation and support to keep going?

I always call myself a work-in-progress. The attitude of never stop learning and be open; even if something sounds negative, there might be still something positive to pick up from it. Sometimes people can be unfriendly or less kind, but if you can show some kindness in return, maybe it will help them. Being able to experience what life has to offer is key to be learning and growing, but it needs to come with the right attitude. I deeply believe all that matters is that you want to put yourself in that space to be able to learn and experience, even if you never had the opportunity to do it before.

Keep learning and never stop experiencing because some lessons only come later in life.


7. What values would you like your girls to have while they grow up?

More importantly, is to be happy and not compare yourself to others because you are missing out on the good things going on in your life. Social media doesn’t make it better or easier. The grass is always greener on the other side, but always appreciate what you have.


8. How do you find the strength to combine the traditional family stay-at-home mum concept with the modern vision of women having all possibilities?

I think nowadays it is possible to combine family life, personal time and a professional career. I believe in choosing what really makes you happy but also learning how to let some things go when you have too much on your plate. Of course, having a good support circle will definitely help!

This support system can be made up of family members, friends, or even people you share new activities or experiences with. Years back, I moved with my husband and my children to the south of France and we lived there for 4 years. In the beginning, the situation was difficult as we were alone in a foreign country and I couldn’t speak French, plus I just had my baby., But I guess we matured and learned a lot from that experience. I tried to open up and joined groups to get to know new people in the same situation and found support from making new friendships. We also lived in the USA for another 4 years and I actually joined groups to create a support circle for foreigners living there.  I feel nowadays with the Internet, it is very easy to find resources, advice and support groupsExercise and sports also really helps when you going through a negative situation: it changes your mood, mindset and helps you to relax.


9. What about future personal and professional plans? Is there something coming up soon you can share with us?

The list is endless, but my number one would be a short-term one: I do want to visit my family in Japan as my sister lives there and I haven’t seen my nephew since he was born. This is really on my mind every day. On a community level, I would like to do something to help seniors Some of them do own mobile phones, but they used them in a very basic way and are not able to utilise the latest technologies to communicate, make payments or make online orders.

Mental health is also one of my top priorities and I am organising many activities around it. One that I do particularly like and want to organise is a. It is a form of sound healing meditation growing in popularity as a modern healing technique. Vibrations from these ancient instruments affect the water in our body and have the ability to lower stress levels. This, in turn, helps the natural healing processes in our body.

I also hope that my meditation classes can improve people’s sleeping issues and help them to reduce anxiety and panic during these difficult times. I am also a strong advocate for children's causes. I feel that children can be very vulnerable and they may not be able to fend for themselves in times of domestic violence or other dangers. I am currently planning to organise the Gong Bath Meditation session soon and proceeds from the event will be donated.


10. What main issues or circumstances worldwide would you like to change to help to defend woman's rights and empowerment?

To help women in any current situation they are living in, I would suggest having more support groups to meet new people, share more experiences and put constructive ideas into action. I feel there is a need to empower women to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. If we create support groups for women to find advice, to connect with each other, and talk about their concerns, they will feel less alone. With that, we can definitely help to improve their quality of life and personal circumstances. Just the fact of not feeling alone and having a sense of belonging can be a life-changer.

11. What would be your advice to someone who wants to do a career change or follow their dreams?

The first thing I would do before starting any new idea or project is to check your resources. I have to be honest, as I am a person who follows my heart more than my head. Despite having passion, you need to do your homework to calculate your risks. Passion is the main ingredient when it comes to success and can help you during the journey, but don’t put yourself out for failure. You may not have all the answers at the beginning, but look for support, resources and create a learning path full of opportunities.

12. Share an inspiring message to the women out there?

“Find someone who inspires you to be what you want to become and if you can’t find that person, try to be that person.”

Filmed in a single shot, our favourite fitness mum has been challenged to answer our fashion shoe style questions.



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