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Feature: Sartorial Luxe

Radiate Confidence & Pride with PAZZION's Sartorial Luxe Collection

Strong as a panther, fierce as a lioness, let the world be your stage and stride in empowering footwear that turn heads. Radiate with confidence and pride, let your fashion be your voice.

Featured Styles: SB-D047 Goldtone Buckle Leather BagLT888-2 Rhinestone Buckle Heels

Brave the corporate jungle and stride fearlessly in confidence with armour made from the resilience, bravery and strength being wore every day by the PAZZION woman. 


Featured Styles (from left): ▲835-7 Zipper Suede Pointy Heels1806-213 Vintage Buckle Heels

With a flair for the 80s power dressing cues, she presents a chicly subversive spin on sartorial styling, emanating an air of authority, intelligence and an appetite for change with each look.

Featured Styles (from left): ▲17206-100 Embossed V-Cut Flats3723 Dual Toned Boxy HandbagSB-D078 Nautical Oversized Tote Bag188-5A Plaid Bow Ballet Flats

Buckle up for every step is full of classiness and sophistication. She charms her way through with power dressing as her everyday statement. From modest neutral palette to playful, eye-catching solid tones, a tinge of attitude and capability is seen with each step.

Featured Styles (from left): ▲6008-7 Front Buckle Heels0701-35 Crystal Buckle Foldable Flats

Featured Styles (from left): ▲T2099-1 Classic V-Cut Heels815-2 Vintage Bow Pointy Flats

Walk your day to day radiating confidence, be it transitioning through your office meetings, braving through the thunderstorm of activities, an office luncheon, a networking session or dinner and drinks with your girlfriends.

Featured Styles (from left): ▲SB-D090 Retro Satchel Crossbody3017-15 Classic Kitten Heels65-6 Patent Low Heels

Featured Styles (from left): ▲7018-08 Slingback Stacked Heels385-5 Vintage Patent Block Heels

Transcend with timeless classics to take on the challenge of the modern world. The Sartorial Luxe 2019 Collection is beautifully crafted with perfection, combined with powerplay surprise, a singe of modesty and a dose of playfulness to inspire go-get-it women to show off their independence, self-reliant and endearing attitude to take on today’s contemporary world.

PAZZION Sartorial Luxe 2019 Collection is now available at all PAZZION stores and on PAZZION.COM.


3723 Dual Toned Boxy Handbag

1806-213 Vintage Buckle Heels

3723 Dual Toned Boxy Handbag

1806-213 Vintage Buckle Heels

SB-D047 Goldtone Buckle Leather Handbag

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