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BCF Stories - Part II: Early Detection Matters

Iris Lim - Positive Survivor


In our 4-part series to celebrate the women who triumphed breast cancer with early detection, we speak to four of these inspirational heroines on their journey to find strength and overcome the odds with positivity in life.


Iris Lim is the chairwoman of the PA Women Executive Committee (WEC) and an ambassador of Mammobus.

As a volunteer on Mammobus, she decided to do a self-check. At the age of 46, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Despite her diagnosis, she handled it positively and underwent mastectomy, followed by reconstruction.

Iris sees the need to feel and look confident. Throughout her journey, she maintained her appearance by investing in hair wigs. Through her experience, she has also donated many wigs to BCF to help other women going through the same journey.

1. At what stage were you diagnosed? Could you share with us about your cancer journey?

I was diagnosed at 46 with Stage 2 and with a 3cm tumour. Initially, I was shocked. Without much hesitation, I made the decision on mastectomy and reconstruction. I remained positive and overcome it bravely and went on with my day-to-day activities.  


2. What kind of support do you have? What kind of support is important to you through your journey?

For a start, I see the need to stay positive and confident. Also, I have my family and friends’ support while my husband has been very supportive and took care of me during this period.

3. Could you share with us the benefits to wear a wig during diagnosis and treatment? What motivated you to support in this area to the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)?


Look good and feel good! I put in effort in my appearance and wore a wig after the initial hair loss. I also put on makeup to stay confident and to make sure I look good. It gives me the energy and positivity to keep going on.


My sister was a cancer patient to cervical cancer and she passed on after battling it for 9 years. She was a singer and put in effort in dressing and invested in wigs as well. So, I decided to donate both our wigs to BCF as wigs can be quite costly especially those made of real hair.

 4. How did your lifestyle change after your cancer journey?


I changed my eating habits. After falling ill, my perspective of life has also changed and I learn to prioritise my health. We should not neglect our health as you will not be able to carry on with a lot of things.

5. What advice would you give to other young women who have been diagnosed?


I found out by coincidence through volunteering work on the Mammobus and I didn’t feel any lumps at all. I was fortunate that I found out about my diagnosis earlier and thankfully, the lymph nodes have not been affected due to early detection.


I would advise women to start going for regular checkups. You should not go for a health check only after you feel a lump.

In support of BCF’s – Early Detection, Save Lives, Save Breasts campaign, this year, PAZZION has designed an exclusive Pink Stardust Foldable Flats to convey the message in conducting regular breast health checks.

From 1 – 31st October 2019, 30% of the nett sales proceeds from the sale of the exclusive designed foldable flats will be donated to BCF.

In Support of Breast Cancer Foundation



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