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BCF Stories - Part IV: Early Detection Matters

Adlina Bte Suparman - The Brave Homemaker


In our 4-part series to celebrate the women who triumphed breast cancer with early detection, we speak to four of these inspirational heroines on their journey to find strength and overcome the odds with positivity in life.


Adlina Bte Suparman is a stay home mum and a mother of two. Due to her family medical history, she made the decision to start breast screening at the earliest recommended age of 40.


During her second mammogram, she was diagnosed with Stage 1B invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 42.


Today, she has successfully beaten cancer into remission and does not need chemo and radiotherapies. 

1. At what stage were you diagnosed? Could you share with us about your cancer journey?

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer, grade 2 tumour during my second mammogram at the age of 42. I did mastectomy last November, and results came out 1B ER-PR-positive. There was a detection of micro-metastases with slight spread on the lymph nodes. I was strongly recommended to do chemotherapy.


Full body scan further indicated the possibility of more cancer cells on my left side. Hence, I did axillary lymph node dissection in March. Given that I am ER-PR positive, I am on hormonal therapy. Currently, I am on 5 years of medication.


2. How did you cope with it? What kind of support is important to you through your journey?


Initially, it seemed daunting at first but I realised I could take charge and make the best decision for myself.


I am blessed to receive love and care from my family and close friends. This helped me to grow strong. Generally, I am a positive person and have a strong faith. I made sure I communicate my concerns, fears and emotions openly to the people around me and never shy away from various help offered from my loved ones.


3. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself through your cancer journey?


I see life with deeper meaning and gratitude then before. Alongside with other survivors at BCF, I partake in BCF programmes and activities actively and provide strong support for one another.


I have also attended restorative classes to increase mindfulness which also encourage a positive outlook in life. The various BCF programmes have also help me to move forward positively and enhance my healing process greatly.


Today, I find myself living life with more meaning and gratitude.

 4. Share with us a special memory with your loved ones through your cancer journey.


Since my diagnosis, my family – especially my husband, son and daughter are more verbally expressing their love to me with ‘I love you, mom.’


These are very three powerful words that have given me a stronger will and strength to live well.

5. What advice would you give to other women who have been diagnosed?


Stay objective in your decision making and decide what is best for yourself. Don’t shut yourself out and go through the journey alone. Allow support from your family and friends to help you on your journey.


The love and encouragement you receive from your loved ones and friends will give you the strength to push through any adversities.

6. What are your plans for the future? Share with us your life after triumphing the cancer battle.


Eventually, I would want to return back to the workforce. Meanwhile, I am giving myself more time to regain strength and confidence.

7. What advice would you give to other women who are not diagnosed? When would you advise them for a checkup?

Do not take life lightly and be attuned to your body. Be diligent with your health checks and screenings. You should not let fear get in the way.


I started my screening early and did it consistently and diligently which helped me to detect breast cancer at its early stage. Early detection definitely helps to save lives.


8. Can you share with us about the side effects and how you cope with it?

Side effects from the medication include fatigue, nausea, menopause symptoms. I am working closely with my oncologist so that the side effects are manageable and can be overcome. At BCF, my sisters also provide me with the understanding and patience to deal with the side effects.

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