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Australia Wildlife Crisis:
PAZZION Joins Singapore Red Cross
For its Australian Bushfire Emergency Response Fund

PAZZION partners Singapore Red Cross to aid Aussie local communities

Described as the apocalyptic fires of the decade, Australia has been ravaged by one of the worst wildfires in recent years. While the fires have been brought under control in recent days, the devastation has been enormous. Local communities and wildlife are reeling from its effect with reconstruction and recovery efforts now ongoing. Here are the numbers in a snapshot.


Fact 1: The fires have burnt over 7 months since last July with over 10 million hectares of land scorched.


Photo: Government of Victoria

With rising climate temperatures that contribute to extreme heat and dryness, the recent Australia’s bushfire season is one of the deadliest in recent decades.

More than 6 times the size of Brazil’s last year Amazon fires, the total land mass burned is larger than the land area of England with flames up to 70 metres burnt uncontrollably (65m is the height of the Sydney Opera House) in the past months and skies turned blood red.


Fact 2: Australia’s bushfires have pumped half-a-year of the country annual CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

250m tonnes of CO2 were emitted by the infernos into the atmosphere that is almost half of the country’s annual emission. The toxic smoke has circumnavigated the planet across New Zealand, to as far as the South America and arrived back at its origin in January this year.


From Canberra, Sydney to Melbourne, Australian cities were shrouded in toxic haze over the past month in the aftermath causing respiratory problems for residents coupled with other environmental impacts from blackened ash on beaches to wider effects that are expected to exacerbate glacier melt by 20 to 30 percent in the near term.

Fact 3: Over 1.25 billion of wildlife have been lost and more than 3,000 homes destroyed.


Photo: The New York Times

The biggest tragedies of all is the massive loss of lives. A staggering estimate of 1.25 billion animals are believed to have perished in the fires including many of the country’s iconic marsupials from kangaroos, koalas to wombats and many more.


In the state of New South Wales alone, the fires had decimated a third of the koala population. The devastating loss is expected to negatively impact on the freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity of the country in the long term with toxic ash washing into rivers.

Photo: The New York Times

Many local communities in the fire-hit areas were affected by the loss of properties and up to 34 fatalities were reported as people fled to evacuation centres.

PAZZION supports the Australian Bushfire Emergency Response Fund


Photo: Australian Red Cross

In response to the catastrophic bushfires, PAZZION has partnered with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) to support its donation drive for the Australian Bushfire Emergency Response Fund. The funds raised will go towards supporting the humanitarian efforts of its sister organisation, the Australian Red Cross, for the immediate relief and long-term recovery of the communities affected.

From 17 February to 16 March 2020, 5% of sales proceeds from regular-priced purchases made on PAZZION.COM will go to support the Australian Bushfire Emergency Response Fund.



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