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Feature: Summer Haute

A Summer Romance with PAZZION's Summer Haute Collection

A new season unfolds under the summery shades, amid the backdrop of a modern metropolis, signalling the start of a vibrant colourful season. She dances to the rhythmic tunes of summer with a free-spirited mind for an eternal summer.

Featured Styles (from left): 6005-201 Classic Strappy Heels815-2 Vintage Bow Pointy Flats

With joy in her heart and a smile filled with warmness, she embraces the new season in an attitude full of positivity, sunshine and zest. Powering her solar energy under the sun, she basks and exudes the fun, sassiness and elegance of the modern PAZZION girl.


Featured Style: 6008-7 Front Buckle Heels

Be the protagonist of the seasons with the perfect style to all looks for all occasions. She goes on a fashion catwalk and strikes for the moment at each turn. Almost gliding through, she embraces the light of summer.


Featured Style: 8082-1 Jewelled Slingback Flats


As the warm summer breeze blow through her flouncy hair, she breaks into the free spirit with the flow and cast her own musical steps as she twirls with each step forward for elegance is truly in her DNA.

Featured Style: 8891 Metallic Handle Tote

In an almost instant transition from glam to sophistication, as almost playful and fluid, she showcases a penchant for style and elegance in a midi velvet dress with a complimenting metallic tote that shouts glamour.

Featured Style: 3308-11 Studded Mid Stiletto Sandals

All ready to take on the heat, the PAZZION girl delivers her tinge of attitude in studded details and patterned prints, while in deep thoughts of the perfect summer utopia.

Featured Style: 8728-13 Pointed Bow Flats

The PAZZION girl wears many hats, whether as a career-minded woman or on her dress down days, she transits from work wear to play at ease.

Featured Style: 335-2 Classic Chunky HeelsSB-D055 Structured Boxy Handbag


From a quick changeover, she goes on a tiptoe mode, ready to cast her own musical steps. She is almost nonchalant and carefree for the great high summer vacation.

Featured Style: 733-28 Diamente Frayed Espadrilles


Almost compelling and surreal, she exudes her bright spontaneous girl-at-play in search for the perfect sunshine moment. 

Featured Style: 6137-1 Feminine Bow Low Heels

As the sun casts a shadow over her silhouette, she strikes a feminine pose for the summer party is here. Whether it's for the summer afternoon or evening party, the PAZZION girl is ready to make her presence felt.  

Featured Style: 7018-08 Slingback Stacked Heels

Featured Style: 8891 Metallic Handle Tote815-2 Vintage Bow Pointy Flats

Adding fresh appeals to the summer, she accentuates her taste for luxury with a striking compact square silhouette on a silver-tone hardware and a timeless cutesy vintage bow point flat shoes.

Discover the PAZZION Summer Haute 2019 Collection now available at all PAZZION boutiques and on PAZZION.COM


733-28 Diamante Frayed Espadrilles

3308-11 Studded Mid Stiletto Sandals

7018-08 Slingback Stacked Heels

8082-1 Jeweled Slingback Flats

8891 Metallic Handle Tote

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