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Weaved Summer Styles You Need Now

Catch the Summery Weaved Trend

With trending fashion, they rarely last more than a season or at most a year. However, the weaved trend seems to have survived that rarity umpteen times with more colourful weaves update from previous season taking a more lively and contemporary approach as we head for high summer.


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Trust us, the basket bag sparks versatility that transcends every outfit and never fails to add the extra “oomph” to your ensemble. Here are some practical ways that you can incorporate this playful, chic basket trend for any occasions.  

Friday Basket Glamour

Wind down as you welcome the arrival of the weekends. Dressing down doesn’t have to mean forgoing fashion. Stay trendy with the plaited bag and outfit that screams fashionista!

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Featured Style: 3308-11 Studded Mid Stiletto Sandals

Style Tip
: For cooler summer months, channel your inner diva with a tweed jacket that speaks volume of your vibrant personality. Pair on a square basket bag set on natural wooden material to amplify your chic and minimalistic style.

Pro-dressing Tip: Add excitement to your outfit with a gold camisole that isn’t too glaring paired with a black a buttoned-detail pants and a plaited city bag for a touch of classiness. Slip on a pair of comfortable studded stiletto sandals heels and you’re now ready to the end of the work week.

Saturday Basket Chic

Draw inspirations from celebs such as Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson to pair your favourite ones for that inspo post!

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Featured Style: 5470-1 Quilted Pump Heels


Style Tip: Whether it’s for a warm weather appeal Saturday brunch date with your BFF or on a date, go casual with a polka dot strappy dress to stay breezy. Stay minimalistic chic with a pair of gold metallic pearl dangle earrings for a dash of daintiness and balance the casual, sunshine look just right for summer!


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Pro-Dressing Tip:
Spruce up your overall ensemble with a classy pair of comfortable quilted heels that complement with your basket bag and add some texture with a braided paper basket bag that is sufficiently large for all your essentials from bottled water, moisturiser to sunblock and you are all good to go for that hot date!


Beach Basket Explorer

Photo: Glamradar, Visca Wedding

Style Tip
: Get comfortable and nail the perfect summer mood to show off your fun and cutesy side with a striped off shoulder 
dress – a key summer piece to keep the summer heat at bay.

Featured Style: 062-10 Beige Wrap Over Slide Sandals


Pro-Dressing Tip: Carry on a delicately ensembled seashell basket crossbody bag made of natural material and silvery chain strap for that little extra “oomph” in your outfit, slip on a pair of dressy textured sandals with its extra comfort to add a touch of elegance to that casual outfit. Don’t forget your sunnies against the UV.

Now, go on for that lovely Sunday brunch!



062-10 Wrap Over Slide Sandals

062-10 Wrap Over Slide Sandals

3308-11 Mid Stiletto Sandals

3308-11 Mid Stiletto Sandals

5470-1 Quilted Pump Heels

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