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Types of Summer Sandals

For Your Blood Type Personality

Find Out Your Traits


There are pseudoscientific beliefs that a person’s blood type is predictive of a person’s personality. Do you believe?

Read on to find out the fun facts that tell 
your characteristics and the types of summer sandals that best suit your blood type.


Blood Type A

Clever, Passionate, Sensitive, Perfectionist.

People with Blood Type A are known to be loyal, patient and love peace. They are extremely careful when making decisions, ensuring perfectness. They are also known to be social animals, creative and intelligent.  Well-known celebs such as Britney Spears and G-Dragon are very passionate about their work and perfectionist in their journey to create powerful and impactful musical work.

 Photo: Artist Wiki, 8thGravity

On the other hand, their stubbornness can be passed off to others as being too uptight and tense. They are also said to be introverted and conservative.

Featured Style: Embellished T-Strap Sandals

Sandal Style for the Type-A Personality
: Blood Type A are
very fashion-conscious and meticulous in terms of their fashion sense and love to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Liberate your feet in strong confidence with a dose of alluring glamour in sparkling bling and pearls on a t-strap sandal that even Britney would approve of!


Blood Type B

Active, Cheerful, Creative, Expressive

Source: Aimnoappst, Baltana


Blood Type B personalities are known to be expressive, curious outgoing and cheerful. It is also their spontaneous wild spirit that makes them creative and expressive. Famous stars with B-Type personality includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP from Big Bang.  On the downside, Type B individuals can tend to be temperamental, erratic or shallow at times.


Featured Style: 2639-6 Embellished Pearl Sandals

Sandal Style for the Type-B Personality: With a strong sense of ownership and being passionate, Type B individuals can be pretty bold in making fashion statements and have no difficulties in standing out. Being bubbly, their style reflects that at ease.  Let your feet do the talking with stylish, large bold pearl embellishments set on a comfortable sandal to stand out.

Blood Type AB

Talented, Calm, Rational, Unpredictable, Dualistic

People of Blood Type AB are known to have a shifting personality. With characteristics of both Blood Type A and B’s, they can be unpredictable. From the onset, they appear to be active but can be sensitive and loud at the same time. Being rational, they are less emotionally driven. Celebrities who are known Type-AB are Marilyn Monroe and Super Junior’s Hee Chul.

Source: Biography, Pinterest

Due to their dual personalities, people may easily misunderstand them as being double-faced, unpredictable and unreliable.

Featured Style: YD336-27 Crystallic Sandals


Sandal Style for the Type AB Personality: Due to their blood combination of A & B, they can be considered fashion purveyors, shifting their dressing sense depending on the occasions and who they meet. Depending on the occasion strap and twirl around the ankle in a pair of shimmering sandals in a flowy ribbed dress or dress down in a floral print berm shorts  



Blood Type O

Confident, Strong-willed, Sociable, Energetic, Sensitive

Those with Type O blood are daring and set high standards for themselves to the likes of John Lennon. Considered to be natural leaders, they strive for excellence in their best effort which may be perceived by others such as Type A blood group who are hyper-sensitive as being selfish. Those in this blood group are usually generous, kind-hearted and resilient to even the worst situations.  


Photo: KProfiles, Thefest

Featured Style: 2639-6 Embellished Pearl Sandals

Sandal Style for the Type O Personality: Whether it's with a bodycon dress or pair with a metallic thread dress, stay chic at ease and confident with this darling in its dangling pearls that will take you all through the summer.  


1833-8 T-Strap Sandals

1833-8 T-Strap Sandals

2639-6 Pearl Sandals

YD336-27 Crystal Sandals

YD336-27 Crystal Sandals

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