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Twinkle Dream -

Day Out with your Little Princess 

Mommy & Me Fashion Ideas for the cutest matching Play-dates


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But daughters, are their mother’s pride, and the owner to their heartstrings. Tugging at it every minute, every second.

Dressing up your little princess can be a fun and unforgettable experience for both of you. Here’s the perfect spring through summer matching outfit ideas for the stylish mom and her little princess.


Pattern Print for Spring

Featured Styles: BB1620-023 Crystal Kids Embellishment Loafers893-2A Crystal Embellishment Loafers


How to wear it: Matchy-matchy outfit does not have to be an exact copy. Remember the holy grail of twinning is to avoid looking too tacky. Instead of looking like two indistinguishable peas in a pod, embrace the child in her and the woman in you. Feminine attire and comfortable shoes and you are both good to go!

Pro-dressing tip: Embrace Spring and bring out the queen in you and the princess in her. Think romantic, soft hues and flowy material that compliments the spring weather, and the playful child in her. As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes.”

All White Ensemble

Featured Styles: BB1620-023 Crystal Kids Embellishment Loafers164-12 Metallic Perforated Espadrille Loafers  

How to wear it
: Being a princess is every little girl’s dream, so why not make her one, with her personal Cinderellaesque shoes. White represents purity and demure, the perfect colour for your little princess.


Pro-dressing tip: For mummies, comfort and style can go together, pamper your feet and slip on a pair of comfortable espadrille loafers with sparkle detailing to match your girl’s flats. Afterall, dressing up is probably one of every mom’s greatest joy.

Featured Styles: 893-2A Crystal Embellishment LoafersBB1620-023 Crystal Kids Embellishment Loafers

How to wear it
: Keep it casual and laidback for a free-spirited chic look. Dress your girl in a simple white chiffon top and simple skirt. Pair your pom-pom skirt with a plain top to avoid being overwhelmed.


Pro-dressing tip: By maintaining a casual, clean look on attire, you can pay special attention to your shoes by putting on a pair of bling, embellished flats to create a shine without being over the top.


Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.


893-2A Crystal Loafers

893-2A Crystal Loafers

BB1620-023 Kids Crystal Loafers

164-12  Metallic Espadrille Loafers

164-12 Metallic Espadrille Loafers

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