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Top Sneaker Trends 2021

Snazz it up with Athleisure

Style meets function has always been a vital criterion for the modern woman,

which can be a difficult task to seek a balance.


Introducing Athleisure footwear, an amalgamation of casualness and style, which is known for its versatility as a hybrid of sportswear and everyday outfit. Interchangeable between casual and formal events, there is no longer a need to compromise on comfort for panache on any occasion.


Sneakers have also become an integral part of athleisure apparel, with a multitude of variations available on the market. Designed in a myriad of styles, you'll be bound to find one that complements your everyday wardrobe. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for brunch or heading to work, these sneakers will be a seamless option for general activities that range from casual to formal wear. Observing some of the top sneaker trends in 2021, sneakerheads can check out PAZZION’s curated sneaker guide to ease you into the Athleisure fashion bandwagon.



Basics will never go out of style. By virtue, they are the foundation of endless wardrobe variations and possibilities.


Practical in terms of its simple composition, basic sneakers are fundamental essentials that will effortlessly complement general aesthetics. For those looking for neutral-based pairing, basic sneakers are an extraordinary selection for everyday wear! It should be the de facto standard for every variant of sneakers.

Featured style: 7606-13 Beige Tweed Lace-Up Leather Espadrille Sneakers

The Beige Tweed Lace-Up Leather Espadrille Sneakers is an exceptional selection for the minimalist at heart. A harmonious blend of soft-toned colours and tweed texture, it is a recipe for perennial endurance amidst the ever-changing fashion scene.


Extremely adaptable to any selection of outfits, you’ll be able to match them regardless of your ensemble for the day. The Beige Tweed Lace-Up Leather Espadrille Sneakers is essentially a grab-and-go solution for the perpetually chic!

Featured style: 668 - 7A Mint Pastel Lace-Up Leather Sneakers

Delicate pastel hues have been a fashionable selection across apparels and accessories alike. As shown on the Mint Pastel Lace-Up Leather Sneakers, introducing a trendy colour to the equation does wonders to a basic piece without overexaggerating details. It highlights the playfulness of the colour while remaining classy in cowhide leather; it’s as unpretentious as it gets.


Designed with wearability in mind, it comes with padded leather insoles to keep your feet refreshed throughout the day. No matter where or when, you’ll remain simultaneously comfy and stylish!

Featured style: 5M-1 Black Slip-On Sock Sneakers


Flyknit Fabric has been all the rage in recent years for its lightweight technology and overall cosiness. In fact, PAZZION has jumped on the bandwagon as well, with our very own Black Slip-On Sock Sneakers. One of the hottest selling items in our sneaker trends 2021 list, you’ll be the trendiest person in the room!

Set in basic black, it encompasses the essence of ambidexterity, well-suited for a multiplicity of casual wear. Crafted with permeable airflow in mind for all-day comfort, the Black Slip-On Sock Sneakers are made for stylish functionality.   


 Chunky sneakers are a representation of the Avant-Garde essence. Loud and experimental,

they are designed for bold personalities looking to leave a mark with a conspicuous fashion statement.


They are generally found in streetwear and grunge fashion, but in recent years, there is an increasing popularity amongst the office group as well. Apart from the pros of gaining additional height, chunky sneakers allow you to express yourself with its pronounced elements.

Featured style: C19-18 Beige Chunky Athleisure Leather Sneaker


A nostalgic throwback to school days where chunky white shoes were a common sight, it has been polished with a touch of refinement and edge that took the fashion industry by storm today. Made with lightweight materials, the Beige Chunky Athleisure Leather Sneaker is designed for luxury without the pain of excessive mass.   

Featured style: 623-1A Black Chunky Athleisure Mesh Sneaker



Conceived with Flyknit fabric and additional padded insoles, the Black Chunky Athleisure Mesh Sneaker is intended for maximum comfort and optimal protection. The epitome of Athleisure, it ameliorates the perfect elemental combination of sportswear and streetwear.


The Black Chunky Athleisure Mesh Sneaker is an appropriate footwear for any impromptu scenarios - from post-gymming programmes to happy hours, it will definitely elevate your casual aesthetics! 

Featured style: 019-8185 Purple Chunky Leather Mesh Sneakers


Segmented with antithetical colour blocks and distinctive textures, the Purple Chunky Leather Mesh Sneakers tie it all together to produce a vibrant platform sneaker. An excellent combination with denim and neutral-coloured tones, it’ll accentuate your outfit with its dynamic colour schemes.



Break out of conformity with unconventional sneaker styles,

modernised with ostentatious details that’ll complement any flamboyant souls.

 Fueling the fire to rise above the general crowd, it’s an amazing addition to the alternative wardrobe!  

Featured style: 1858N-08B Black Iridescent Trimmings Chunky Platform Sneaker


Iridescent shades are at its peak in recent years, integrated into a myriad of fashion statements. Complimentary against neutral-tone colours, PAZZION has incorporated this luminous trend into its footwear collection, specifically in our Black Iridescent Trimmings Chunky Platform Sneaker. 


For the non-conformists, the Black Iridescent Trimmings Chunky Platform Sneaker is an impeccable option to go with your grunge outfits. Highlighted with lustrous green linings across its black surface, it features a chunky exterior for an elevated valiant look.

Featured style: 1886-3 Champagne Oversized Bow Glittered Slip-On Sneakers


With a sweet sparkling pink tone and an extravagant bow emphasis, the Champagne Oversized Bow Glittered Slip-On Sneakers is a classy footwear designed for extra comfort with an elegant touch. It’s crafted with a flexible tongue for a smooth slip-on, so you can say goodbye to footwear with complex accessibility! 

Featured style: 668-3 White Contrast Stud Embellished Sneakers


Keep your foot snug through the day with the White Contrast Stud Embellished Sneakers, adorned with studs for a simple yet edgy look! Minimalist in design and colour with defined details, it is an effortless piece that will be an exceptional supplement to your everyday wardrobe.


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