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How To Style Metallic Shoes For The Perfect #OOTD

There is a rising star of the season: metallic shoes.

While It may seem daunting initially, whether in gold, silver or bronze, these colourful posh finished high shine shoes for women are more versatile than you think. With the right pairing, these flashy shoes add whimsy and instantly make any outfits more fun as you transit seamlessly from work to play.

Here’s how you can rock the look without looking over the top, suitable for everyday wear.

1. Go Denim Chic

Featured Style: 774-6 Low-Cut Topline Open Back Heels

These metallic heels could be very conspicuous, but when they are worn with pared-back denim, they channel a casual, laidback vibe. For a day look in the office, throw on a light-coloured outerwear over denim for a put-together look. A low-cut topline and breezy open heel lend warm-weather appeal to this trend-forward stylish pair, complemented with chunky heels for a height booster.

For a chill night out, simply ditch the outerwear for an off-duty look. Let down your hair and you’re all set to meet your girlfriends!

2. Tone It Down with Darker Hues

Featured Style: 1098-1 Studded High Cut Pointed Slip-On Flats

Find full-on metallic shoes a tad too eye-catching? Try experimenting with metallic embellishments on your footwear for an extra kick (pun intended!).

Gunmetal rounded studs add a dash of attitude to these high cut slip-on flat shoes, made from lambskin leather for a polished look. Keep your look simple in the office with a fuss-free dress and let these flats make a statement. For extra street creds, match them with a black leather jacket after hours for a hint of grunge. You are all set for the photo co-op!

3. Channel Minimalistic Vibes

Featured Style: 1098-2 Big Ribbon Pointed Ballet Flats

A twist on your usual ballet flats, this lambskin cutesy leather pair is adorned with a chic silver eyelet featuring a self-tie bow that sits nicely just below the ankle. Match this with a basic top and let these flats peek out under a chic pair plaid pants.

Set on a cushioned footbed that offers extra comfort, fret not about aching feet should you have after-work plans. Wear a knit chunky cardigan over to keep you warm as you transit from watercooler to cocktail hour.


774-6 Low-Cut Topline Open Back Heels

1098-1 Studded High Cut Pointed Flats

1098-1 Studded High Cut Pointed Flats

1098-2 Big Ribbon Pointed Ballet Flats

1098-2 Big Ribbon Pointed Ballet Flats

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