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Dress Code Hacks For Your Fashion Inspiration


Think fall, the image of a warm, autumn palette in hues of auburn, brown and dark oranges come to mind. But, who says that ice cream pastel tones are only for Spring and Summer? Ditch the old fashion rules and rock your look in trending pastel - sweet pink, lavender or yellow.

Here are 3 ways to rock in a pastel-powered wardrobe this winter season and curate your own sugary cotton candy chic yet functional style this winter season.

1. Harmonise with Layers

Featured style: 711-2 Pearl Peep Toe Wedge Sandals

Style Tip #1:
Add a touch of pastel tone with a light coloured blazer. Incorporate neutral accessories to harmonise with your pastel ensemble for a chic and ladylike touch and aid the transition to your #OOTDs into the cooler months.

Pro-dressing tip
: Enhance your pastel style game with a pair of elegant lady shoes like these multi-seasonal peep toe wedge sandals that add a subtle touch of cuteness. For extra warmth, simply amp it up with a pair of stockings, which also help to prevent your shoes from slipping – double win!

2. Experiment With Textures

Featured style: 1801-1 Dainty Bow Flats (Adult)

Style Tip #2:
Opt for an edgy clean-cut look with texturised pastel pieces and pair with suede or leather for a pop of details. Don’t be afraid to mix neutral colours with pastels. Shades of coffee and beige can help to neutralise the girly nature of pastels. Other neutrals like cream and grey tones also work incredibly with pastels.

Pro-dressing tip
: Flat shoes are a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe. A dainty pair with an intricate bow that exudes femininity and cutesy are highly recommended Flaunt your nude-ish, baby pink casual shoes for women that works perfectly as a nude shoe that’s apt for any occasion.

3. Twinning with Pastels

Featured styles:
1801-1 Dainty Bow Flats (Adult),

BB1801-1 Kids Crystal Bow Flats (Junior)

Style Tip #3:
Go into twinning mode and play up the pastels while having fun with your little one. Avoid looking tacky with exact identical outfits. Take fashion cues from top parenting social media maven Audrey Tan, who dons an adorable pastel blue floral romper. Her tot sports a similar floral dress with hints of pastels for a co-ordinated yet differentiated outfit. Pair the look with your favourite cardigan or coat to keep you cosy for colder days.

Pro-dressing tip:
Wear pastels without looking like you’re attending an Easter parade by toning down the overall look with a safe and practical option – a pair of trusty black flats.  Wear pastel apparels and complement the look with a pair of black ballerina flats. No matter how you intend to match the pastel shades, black will even out while creating a dominated, modern look.


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