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Royal Favourite Shoe Styles

From the Duchess Of Sussex

Catch a dose of the

Meghan Markle Effect


In the age of fashion led by social media influencers and celebrity endorsements, nobody seems to be able to draw our curiosity and command the kind of influence that the British royals have. Whether it’s the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton or the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, the world can’t just seem to get over their obsession with the British royal duo.

Here are the royal styles from the ‘Meghan Sparkle’ you need this Fall to make a standout fashion statement.

#1. Pointy Toe Leather Heels

Known for her feminine and elegant style, it is no surprise that Meghan’s fashion transcends seasons with many of her outlooks resurfacing this autumn. In fact, neutral tones are a major staple for her as a mark of respect for the Queen without giving the impression that she is outshining her while still staying true to her style.

 Photo: Stylecaster, Cosmopolitan

Meghan is usually spotted in heels for major events in her life – from her wedding day to royal tours and award ceremonies. She does have her tricks up her sleeve to escape the painful blisters associated with heels. She chooses well-cushioned, comfortable heels in spite of their sleek pointy silhouette.

Featured Style: 1901-2 Metallic Tip Low Court Leather Heels

Style Tips
: Adopt some royal cues in a demure, and ladylike appeal for formal events or for your workwear edits. Drop sky-high heels and realise your on-trend sensibility by picking a mid-level metallic tip low court heels that are classically stylish yet comfy for a fuss-free look.

2. Leather Pointy Flats

Before achieving her status as the Duchess, Meghan was just the regular girl-next-door in ripped jeans and flat shoes. While her style continues to evolve, for casual days or low-key events, it is not surprising to find her ditching the stilettos for a pair of comfortable flats to strut in.

Photo: Cosmopolitan, Town & Country


Featured Style
: 1819-2A Trapezium Buckle Leather Pointy Flats

Style Tips
: Comfort and chic are what Meghan looks out for when it comes to picking her go-to flats. Whether it is for the office or casual days, a delightful workwear wonder with a sleek pointed toe box and an elegant trapezium-shaped gold-tone buckle at the vamp will give off an impression of elongated legs. Well-cushioned insoles and a touch of neutral tones make them perfect as your timeless styles for day to night and will go well with everything in your wardrobe.  

#3. Leather Loafers

While Meghan knows the power ladylike heels, she definitely will not shy away from a stylish pair of comfy loafers when the occasion calls for it. She usually pairs her comfortable loafers with a trench and jeans—a go-to ensemble for fall—or sophisticates the look with a pencil skirt.

Photo: People, Popsugar


Featured style
: 178-18 Suede Buckle Leather Loafers


Style Tips: Go on and put on your lovely LBD perfect with a comfortable pair of loafers perfect for a royal fashionista! This timeless style with a striking side belt buckle is one that never go dated and will complement just about with everything, a style so polished and preppy not to mention soft and comfortable for you to boot with your wardrobe rotation. Put on a trench coat or a blazer and you are ready to hit the streets in your royal inspired ensemble.


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