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Meghan Markle Maternity Fashion

Get serious savvy styling hacks from the Duchess of Sussex


Meghan Markle is a familiar face in the world of royal fashion. Ever since her debut as the Duchess of Sussex, she has been dubbed as the Trendiest Royal In the House. She has never failed to come up with fashion tricks up her sleeve without being the talk of the town from wearing larger shoes than her feet size to counter blisters to looking tall in flat shoes.  

Now, being constantly in the eyes of the paparazzi, she gets more attention than what the average soon-to-be-mom could expect from her very public pregnancy. Read on to find your own Meghan Markle impeccable maternity fashion moments.

Photo: Business Insider, Hello! Magazine

The need to wear heels seem to be a pretty much unspoken rule in the royal family. Dressed up to the skies, Meghan is often seen in elegant slingback heels. You simply cannot deny the Duchess’ love for slingback, which she has sported over many occasions.

Style Tips: Carry that feminine, elegant look at ease with a simple dress with ruffles. A sleeveless dress with a round neckline allows you to put on a large jewellery piece to accentuate your elegance. Stay classy with a boxy handbag for all your necessities.

Pro-dressing Tips
: Be it attending galas like Meghan or a wedding dinner, mummies who tend to have swollen feet due to pregnancy can consider donning a pair of sling-back heels, that allows more space for the feet to breathe without sacrificing on the sleek look of wearing pumps. Add the final touch with some crystal bling on a comfortable pair of slingback heels.   

Featured styles: SB-D055 Structured Boxy Handbag, 2886A-18 Crystallic Slingback Heel 


 The Comfy Pregnancy Height

Like sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan is almost always in heels. Yet, she is not one to say no to shorter, mid-height heels. Instead of only being spotted in killer heels, she has been sporting mid-heel, sneakers, even flats.

Photo: DressLikeADuchess , Cosmopolitan

With pregnancy, a woman’s center of gravity changes and with carrying more weight on their body, wearing high heels can be dangerous as they have a tendency to shift a pregnant woman’s balance forward and increase the likelihood of falling. Spotted in February, just a month or two from her due date, the glowing Meghan looking heavily pregnant, is seen sporting mid heels to give her posture a continuous boost without hurting herself and her child.

Featured Styles: LT8399-13 Studded Pointy Toe Heels, SB-D055 Structured Boxy Handbag

Style Tips: Go for a navy midi dress with a jacket over your shoulder for the lady boss look. The contrast of the blazer is jarring but effective. While it’s not recommended to wear heels during pregnancy with the risk of losing balance, it is safe to do so without spending excessive hours in it and for someone like Meghan who is in heels frequently, there is no reason to change that even with her baby bump.

Pro-dressing Tips: Being pregnant does not mean losing your sense of fashion. Whether it's for a formal event, at work or with client meetings, a mid-height heel with studs would provide you with the height boost, boost your fashion profile, ensure you keep your posture and look professional all at the same time that even Meghan would give the royal seal of approval!

The Flat Sling-back

Being a royal does not mean you cannot have your breaktime from heels and still look gorgeously elegant. When Meghan was spotted in the flats, it sent the Markle-approved style into a buying frenzy.


Photo: Footwearnews

While royal women are known to wear heels to adhere to traditions, Meghan does not let it wear her down, knocking high heels away and showing women that they do not need to weather the aches and pain of towering heels to portray a powerful self.


Featured Style: 8082-1 Jewelled Slingback Flats

Style Tips:
Beat the rainy season and go for a belted trench coat. Nail that chic look with a figure skimming maternity multi-coloured spot print 2-in-1 dress.

Pro-dressing Tips
: Get an instant polish look to any outfit with a pair of comfortable patented leather sling with jewel embellishments and you are all ready to look as royal as you like!


2886A-18 Crystallic Slingback Heels

2886A-18 Crystallic Slingback Heels

8082-1 Jewelled Slingback Flats

LT8399-13 Studded Pointy Toe Heels

SB-D055 Structured Boxy Handbag

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