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5 Fashion Hacks To Look Tall in Flats that

Meghan Markle Should Know

It’s no secret – girls love their stylish stilettos.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is no exception either. Remember Her Royal Highness’ penchant for sporting oversized heels to prevent blisters? Recently, eagle-eyed Royal watchers have also observed that Meghan is always in a pair of stilettos regardless of her dress code – even if it is an unceremonious event such as walking on a grass pitch.

The real reason? It turns out the reason for her shoe preference is not just about fashion. Her husband, Prince Harry is 6ft 1, easily towering Meghan who stands at 5ft 6, seven inches shorter than him. To lessen their apparent height difference and avoid looking awkwardly shorter in photos, she wears heels. While that solved the height issue, we all know the challenge of getting struck in the grass while in heels.

Tired of being in heels all day but still want that extra boost of self-esteem? Here are 5 tips to making yourself look tall even in comfortable flats. Meghan, time to ditch those blister-inducing heels!

1. Go head-to-toe monochrome

Featured Style: 5041-B1 Black Silver Trim Flats

Go monochrome from head to toe by wearing a single colour (or non-colour). This trick deceives the eye into seeing a long, sleek line for an elongated silhouette.

2. Choose nude coloured shoes

Featured Style: 1901-1 Taupe Mary Jane Heels

Choose a shade that is similar to own skin tone. This will create an illusion as the shoes will appear to be an extension of your legs.

3. Elevate with a slight heel

Featured Style: 3230-3A Dark Blue Crystal Buckle Foldable Flats

Add a lift to your foot with a slight heel. This gives you a subtle height increase sans the blisters and aching feet that come with wearing high heels.

4. Ditch the ankle straps

Featured Style: 8001-7 Glitter Flats

As much as we love ankle straps, they visually reduce the length of your feet and leg, as well as the appearance of height. Avoid them if you prefer to go for a leggy look.

5. Opt for pointy-toed shoes

Featured Style: 1800-5 Gold Pointy Metallic Flats

A lightweight ballet flat shaped with a pointy tip instantly lengthens the look of your leg, as opposed to round-toe shoes that can have a shortening effect and makes your legs look stumpy.


5041-B1 Black Silver Trim Flats

5041-B1 Black Silver Trim Flats

1901-1 Taupe Mary Jane Heels

1901-1 Taupe Mary Jane Heels

3230-3A Dark Blue Crystal Buckle Flats

3230-3A Dark Blue Crystal Buckle Flats

8001-7 Glitter Flats

8001-7 Glitter Flats

1800-5 Silver Pointy Metallic Flats

1800-5 Silver Pointy Metallic Flats

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