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Bag guide for the fashionable modern office woman

Selecting an office bag that complements your outfit for five to six days a week may seem to be a humdrum affair.

After all, it seems that there are limited choices that exude style and professionalism.


Contrariwise, there are in fact, an abundance of options you can consider implementing to your office ensemble which displays the right balance of poise and vogue. Explore PAZZION Insider’s Tips to selecting the office bag styles that can help to enhance your work attire with a drip of splendour!





On the colour spectrum, black, white and beige are the easiest and safest to pair with any outfit for their neutral tones. They tend to go with any shade of your attire, which means they are versatile in nature and known to be the conventional colours and staples for everyday affairs.


If you’re looking for a fuss-free office bag that is formal for work, yet not too flashy when it comes to style, you can consider office bags with minimalistic characteristics yet impactful accentuations.

Featured style: 87248 Camel Boxy Turn Lock Leather Bag

Contrasting without clashing, the Camel Boxy Turn Lock Leather Bag integrates the neutrals together perfectly. It demonstrates the harmonious fusion of neutral colours and modest gold embellishments; it is an exquisite fashion piece that will complement your office wear any day of the week.

Featured style: 6175 Black Boxy Structured Tote Bag


Accentuated with a striking green and orange patterned strap, the Black Boxy Structured Tote Bag is an incredibly chic addition to your office wardrobe. It’s spacious with smaller compartments in its interior to keep your essentials in place.


As the straps are detachable, you can also just use it as a regular tote, satisfying the minimalist in you!




On days where you’ll be having an important meeting, it is vital to keep your outfit as professional and presentable as possible. However, formal wear does not always have to be drab and boring. You can consider adding a touch of elegance without overexaggerated features by using dark-toned colours outside of the monochromatic sphere.

Featured style: 900172 Blue Structured Shoulder Leather Bag


The Blue Structured Shoulder Leather Bag is a quintessential piece for formal wear days. Crafted with a sleek cowhide finish and a belt-like detail, it’s a great introduction to every office wardrobe due to its simplistic design. Designed with space and functionality in mind, it provides substantial room large enough to accommodate bigger essentials comfortably and an additional detachable pouch for all your smaller necessities. 

Featured style: 1835 Black Fleece Plaid Structured Bag


A medley of contrasting black and white arranged in a checkered structure, the Black Fleece Plaid Structured Bag sets itself apart from others with its unique blend of texture and pattern. Crafted with an iridescent lock to keep your essentials secure, it comes with a back pocket and an assortment of compartments to provide better organisation. Say goodbye to messy clutters! 




Present your personality with lively tones; sprinkle a little pizzazz into your outfit by carrying an office bag with a dash of vivid colour or distinctive feature. A statement bag that comes with an ostentatious exterior will brighten your daily office ensemble.  

Featured style: SB-D056 Wine Vintage Scarf Satchel Bag


The Wine Vintage Scarf Satchel Bag exuberates the timeless elegance of gold on red, embellished with a voguish scarf that sets it apart from other products. It comes with separate compartments to keep your essentials organised and a strap that converts it from a handbag to a sling bag, depending on your preference.


A pleasantly quaint design, the Wine Vintage Scarf Satchel Bag is an ideal rustic accessory that will add a pop of colour against a neutral coloured attire. 

Featured Style: 3027 Grey Quilted Cross Body Utility Bag


It can be a hassle to carry your phone together with a bulky wallet around during lunch breaks. With segregated spaces designed for designated items, the Grey Quilted Cross Body Utility Bag is a perfect solution.

Despite its unconventional form as an office accessory, its grey shade expresses class and elegance,, dedicated to functionality without contradicting style for the professional woman.  

A combination of soft quilted texture and gold embellishment, the Grey Quilted Cross Body Utility Bag is an effortless piece that can pair well for any semi-formal office event.

Featured Style: 88186 Yellow Leather Chain Strap Crossbody Mini Bag


A striking fashion component that provides a pop of colour to neutral-toned formal wear, the Yellow Leather Chain Strap Crossbody Mini Bag is a simple yet sophisticated solution to spice up your work outfit! With two built-in compartments, it helps to divide space for cleaner organisation. For those looking to experiment with brighter tones, this is a great start to a more vivid wardrobe. Due to its warmer pastel shade, it provides a subtle brilliance while retaining its radiance. Additionally, it comes with a bedazzling gold chain strap that provides a luxurious finishing touch!


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