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Guide To Colour-Blocking

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Tips to colour block effortlessly


With February being the transitional Spring month, most people will pay little attention and play with pastel tones or experience the spillover effect from winter. But, with the summer months just right about the corner, it is the perfect time to play with colour blocking.

Whether you are working with warm hues or bold colours from top to bottom, colour mixing or matching, colour blocking is sure to be a head turner to looking chic.

Here are the 3 rules to work with retro-inspired colour blocks into an aesthetically pleasing outfit for that perfect #OOTD shot.

Rule 1: Avoid prints

Colour-blocking is conspicuous enough to make a fashion statement on its own, so avoid unnecessary complication in your get-up in case of any fashion faux pas. Prints are eye-catching in its own right, and the point of colour-blocking is to make the entire outfit gel and mesh colours together seamlessly. Use bold, solid colours to achieve this effect.

Featured style: 327-32 Sporty Perforated Sneakers

How to wear it:
For beginners, start small and work with basics. Incorporate a plain top with a twist, featuring subtle colour-block details at the sleeves and pair with a black pleated pants that flaunts a splash of colour at the bottom.

Pro-dressing Tip
: Pair this with an athleisure and comfortable pair of perforated sneakers set on a cushy rubber outsole, elevated slightly for a height lift and a peekaboo effect under those pleated pants. Go sporty chic in this pair that promotes sure-footed steps.

Rule 2: Go neutral

When in doubt, it’s best to go neutral. In this case, adopt the best approach of picking one neutral and juxtaposing it with a bright colour. This will help to balance your overall colour block ensemble. Neutrals such as gray, brown, navy blue, cream and white are easy to colour block against bright colours like pink, red, yellow or green. 

Featured styles: BB8988-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker,
1886-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker

How to wear it: 
Mix and match to wear contrasting fabrics to add a new dimension to your outfit. A solid coloured dress with pink stripes at the sleeves does just the trick, with an adorable self-tie ribbon detail for extra fashionista points. Slip into a pair of playful glitter art splattered paint sneakers to complete the look.

Twinning hacks
: It’s possible to work this colour-blocking trend into your little one’s ensemble as well! For a matchy-matchy look that’s not tacky, go with an adorable hoodie top coupled with pink jeans for your girl, complete with a pair of artsy sneakers.


Rule 3: Select a colour scheme

Experiment with multiple separates to colour block
. Mix and match with 2 to 4 apparel of contrasting colours. Go for complementary colours to avoid clashes. But, if you true fashionista who wants to stand out, consider working with colours on both ends of the colour wheel.

For the less adventurous, opt for an analogous colour scheme such as colours next to each other on the colour wheel. This works better for a harmonious overall look. If you’re still feeling unsure, always pick a hue that flatters your skin tone best and gradually work from there to complete the look.

Featured style: BB8988-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker,
1886-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker

How to wear it:
Play with textures in a suede v-neck tee that comes colour-blocked in 2 neutral tones and a subdued shade of yellow. Simply match with your basic pants for a seamless look and put a pep in your step with a Picasso-approved pair of paint splattered sneaker for a cheery touch.

Twinning hacks
: Clad your little one in a jumper of matching colour tones, layered over a pleated grey miniskirt so she can twirl around in it while staying comfy in a cushy pair of leather slip-on sneakers.



327-32 Perforated Sneakers

1886-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker

1886-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker

BB8988-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker

BB8988-10 Paint Splattered Sneaker

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