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STYLE EDIT: Find The Perfect Shoe

Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality

Find your 2019 Fashion Style

As the saying goes, you are what you wear. Your choice of shoes can say a whole lot about you as an individual. From the styles, to the colours and trend choices that you pick, they scream different meanings and tells someone your personality. A pair of dainty pumps with a touch of femininity is visually translated as an elegant lady or a pair of edgy heels screams - I am all about being class and style. Your choices reveal your inner soul.

So, how do you find the perfect shoes that truly reflects you? Here’s where the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (aka MBTI) comes in and identify your type out of 16 personality types. Trust us, you’ll be surprised how accurate it is.

Read on to find out how to get the right shoes that fit your personality best based on your MBTI result! 

ISTJ, The Pragmatists

Personality Traits: ISTJs strive towards success through their thoroughness. Being practical and dependable, they are logical organisers whether at work or in their personal life.

Featured styles
: 6618-1 Buckle Square-Toed Flats,

SB-D017 Leather Top Handle Bag

How to dress: ISTJs are quiet and serious. Formality, structure and rules take precedent. Go for a white shirt, with a sleek pair of structured jeans and slip into a pair of well-formed square-toed flats for a no-nonsense look perfect for a day in the office. Keep a pair of sunglasses in a just-right size leather top handle bag in case of awkward situations and the need to minimise social interactions.

ISFJ, The Loyalists

Personality Traits: If you have an ISFJ in your social circle, you will find that they are amiable, helpful and one of the most reliable friends you can have. While introverted, ISFJs are detail oriented and always seek to create a harmonious environment for those around them.

Featured style: 318-27 Eyelet Flatform Sneaker

How to dress:  ISFJs are friendly and reflect that in their casual get-up. They seek conformity within their social group and a fun, flirty off-shoulder dress with a pair of comfortable flatform sneaker best represent that character.


ESFJ, The Compassionate

Personality Traits: ESFJs are a warm-hearted bunch and care about those around them deeply. Being people-oriented, they will go the extra mile to offer their assistance. Although they want to feel appreciated by others for their contributions, when it comes to work, they mean business.

Featured style
: 1626-10 Square Buckle Foldable Flats,

SB-D017 Leather Top Handle Bag

How to dress:  Throw on a #GirlBoss-inspired vest over a simple slip dress and finish the look with a square buckle foldable flats that will match your ensemble. For the heel lovers, simply fold this and stash it away in your handbag as a backup pair.



Personality traits: ESTJs are a decisive bunch who make decisions in a realistic manner. Being driven, they value efficiency and are able to organise projects and delegate tasks to people to get things done. Their meticulous mindset also means they look into routine details and like to systematically follow a set of clear logical standards. They can be critical - facts, logic and common sense guide their decisions.  

Featured style
: 6618-1 Buckle Square-Toed Flats

How to dress: For these career-minded women, a boardroom-commanding look is essential. Pick a neutral two-piece set and complete the look with a staple pair of buckle flats to amp up or dress down any looks.


318-27 Eyelet Sneaker

318-27 Eyelet Sneaker

1626-10 Foldable Flats

6618-1 Buckle Flats

SB-D017 Top Handle Bag

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