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Fall / Winter 2019:

Transit Your Wardrobe In Style

Embrace Autumn Colours In Style

Practical tips on how to wear them


In our previous introduction on the top styles and colour trend reports for FW19,  we have given you a sneak peek of what to expect for this Fall. While lust-worthy colours such as burgundy red, navy and gray are the typical features in autumn, beyond these, the new season’s colourways are sure to be a great addition to your sartorial repertoire! 

Here’s where we show you more on how to practically transit your wardrobe with the season’s colourways into your everyday edits.

Pistachio Green

Consider it the new Millennial Pink, Pistachio Green needs no further introduction. There is no doubt that it is the ‘IT’ colour of the season for the stylish women with a surge in search for pistachio and sage trends, dominating the Insta feed and streetwear scene as early as last October. This versatile hue while seemingly difficult to carry at first glance is perfect as your transitional tone into winter and into next spring while perfect as the cool pastel tone for autumn.

Photos: The Fashion Spot, Top Shop


Style Tips: Go tonal to pull off the colourway effortlessly if you find a single outfit in one shade too overwhelming. Either tone up or down with a pistachio green piece with milk-white or blush pink for a soft finish or darker colours such as navy, brown or grey which will work just fine.  Make blazer an essential for your autumn closet or across all seasons. Match a pistachio blazer with a satin v-neck top to enhance your chic look.


Featured styles: SE1211 Glossed Croc-Effect Leather Crossbody Bag, 1898-5 Embellished Bow Leather Heels


For a more balanced, tres-chic outlook, pair off with denim jeans, shades and gold detailed jewelled earrings as the highlight. For an understated city edit, complete your look with another popular autumn trend of croc-skin effect textured handbag and a complementing comfortable pair of pointed-toe ribbon heels to ace that GirlBoss look flawlessly and effortlessly.  


Dark Floral

Call it the flower power. Whether its the power fashion houses of PRADA, Marques Almedia to Paco Rabanne or the fast fashion circuits, this is the perfect time for you to invest in a dark floral dress for your fall wardrobe perfect to blend into the autumnal colourway.  

Photos: Max Mara, R13 Denim, Lulus

Featured styles: SE1211 Glossed Croc-Effect Leather Crossbody Bag, 2882-1 Metallic Leather Pointy Flats


Style Tips: Adopt the dark floral aura to uplift your autumn wardrobe and get through the season in style. Match a floral print blouse with a pair of white paper bag jeans that goes perfectly well with our brown croc-effect leather textured crossbody bag for all your knick-knacks.


Enhance your appeal with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that are ever trendy. Invest in a gold buckle belt, multicoloured rhinestone hairclips that will certainly go well with floral details to exude your glam-satire, feminine side. Add a touch of iridescent colours with a pair of comfy metallic leather pointed toe flats to complete your autumn inspo.

Jumpsuit Fever

As the temperature drops, the boiler suits and jumpsuits trend is popping back up on major fashion catwalks from the likes of Isabel Marant and Miu Miu and is trickling down and picking up by fashion tribes en masse. For FW19, the trend leans towards formal and is just office-appropriate for all the working ladies out there! Expect it to infiltrate your wardrobe in no time.


Photo: Lulus , Revolve, Amazon


Featured styles: SE1211 Glossed Croc-Effect Leather Crossbody Bag, 2882-1 Metallic Leather Pointy Flats


Style Tips: Perfect for work days and even on casual day out. You can dress smart for work or go playful with this comfortable style.  Hop onto the jumpsuit fever with a contemporary take by pairing it with a colourful striped scarf, or any pattern of your choice.

Accessorise with a gold ring, dangling pearl earrings and top it up with a slim gold buckle belt to further accentuate your slender waist. Put on our camel pointed heels to further enhance silhouette and pair it with a brown croc skin textured bag for a stylish finish and you will look like one in a million everywhere you go!

Forest Green

Surprisingly, Pantone’s Eden of green forest is undoubtedly one of the fashionable hues to be seen in for Fall. A deep rich of green on the cool side that is sure to be a favourite to many. Liven up your wardrobe and make a statement with a mix of fabrics and textures to create a stunning, luxurious look.

Featured styles: SE1211 Glossed Croc-Effect Leather Crossbody Bag, 0039-2 Embellished Bow Foldable Leather Flats

Style Tips: Over here, we have a loose fit cable knit dress, perfect cosy dress for the cooler days. Accessorise with a green satin headscarf for a dose of classiness and you can also wear a gold square buckle belt around your waist to accentuate your overall look.

Top it off with some pearl necklace and pearl ring earrings, or even long gem earrings. Pair it with our black croc skin textured crossbody bag, and slip into a pair of comfortable, forest green foldable flats. Easy to tuck into our bag and change around if you are drained from stiletto fatigue. Leave the attention to the rich forest green colours while keeping your outfit minimalistic at the same time.


SE1211 Black Glossed Croc-Effect Leather Crossbody Bag

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