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STYLE EDIT: Essential Transeasonal Shoes

You Can Wear All Year Round

Tips to build your Perfect Transeasonal Wardrobe 

With the changeover of the seasons in the horizon, you are probably thinking of refreshing your shoe collection that will last you for the coming season. Here’s a secret we’re letting you in on – breathe a new lease of life in your shoe wardrobe with transeasonal footwear that will never be obsolete so you can wear them all year round.

Read on for handy tips and staple pieces that are worth investing to stay on point and tackle any weather - rain or shine, cold or warm – Don’t be surprised that you find yourself wanting to live in them forever.

Tip 1: Invest in staple pieces that are never out of style

Featured style: 8613-6 Laser Cut Out Sneakers,
900101 Metallic Wristlet

Previously, we spoke about how to build a capsule shoe wardrobe for everyday wear. The difference with transeasonal staples is that apart from being practical and versatile, they have to withstand the test of time and weather conditions for all year round wearability.

Shoes and bags are a girl’s best friend (apart from diamonds) and with transeasonal pieces – they are an investment that warrant multiple wears. Maximise your cost-per-wear value and style for different looks with them.

Styling Tips: Find middle ground with an off-the-shoulder knit top, houndstooth pants and timeless kicks. Tote a handy wristlet for all your essentials.

Pro-dressing Tips:  If there is anything that is difficult to find, it has to be the transeasonal shoe. Boots are too warm for the summer and sandals are too cool for the winter. Here’s where a pair of comfortable sneakers for women that is well-cushioned is the go-to item. Opt for monochrome colours like black and white which are season-blind.

Tip 2: Opt for classic colour shades

Featured style: 8346-7 Soft Laceless Slip-on Shoes

Incorporate the neutral tones of black, grey and white with a touch luxe leather to enhance your overall look. 

Styling Tips: If the erratic weather is acting up again, embrace layering as the way to. Go heavier on the bottom with tights, pants or jeans and lighter on the top with a bright coloured top or boyfriend shirt. Layer with a cardigan for just-right amount of warmth.

Pro-dressing Tips: Show some leather love in your style. Slip into a laceless pair of shoes with a timeless appeal that is totally worth your investment for effortless styling.

Tip 3: Comfort comes first


Featured style: 8613-6 Laser Cut Out Sneakers

Think comfort first. With any shoes, it’s worth investing in a pair of quality one and remember to treat your feet to some TLC by providing ample support.

We love how these sneakers provide a cushioned platform base that subtly elevates and elongates those legs of yours. The laser perforations on this pair of casual shoes for women exude easy breezy vibes perfect for summery days, yet provides ample coverage for cooler autumn days.

Styling tips: Pairing denim with sneakers is one of the failproof combinations that’s always on trend. An oversized denim jacket will make any outfit – wear it over a textured tee dress for a clean, chic look.

Tip 4:  Accessorise with Metallic & Leather

Featured style: 8346-7 Soft Laceless Slip-on Shoes,
900101 Metallic Wristlet

There is no doubt that leather is a wardrobe staple. Stretch your footwear mileage by investing a pair of quality leather shoes.

Styling Tips: Transit from winter to spring and from autumn to winter at ease by going full-on leather. Throw on a leather jacket for a tinge of attitude to stay warm. Stay fuss-free with a metallic wristlet to complete your look.


8346-7 Laceless Slip-on

8346-7 Laceless Slip-on

8613-6 Cut Out Sneakers

8613-6 Cut Out Sneakers

900101 Metallic Wristlet

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