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Effortless Ways To Wear Red

Red might seem like an overstated, daunting colour to wear, but it is easier than you think.

The bright shade adds a pop of colour to your outfit and instantaneously earns you extra fashion credentials. Here are 5 effortless ways you can incorporate red into your everyday wear, so get ready to paint the town red!

1. Keep it simple

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As the saying goes, wear red, get noticed. Sleek your hair back and simply don a classic red dress. Don’t forget to match your look with statement shoes and let your shoes steal the show instead! Do with either toned down basic pink sandals or stiletto heels.

2. Tone it down

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Not quite ready to be a walking siren yet? Start small and accessorise with a red classic boxy shoulder sling bag and a pair of oxblood pumps that will enliven your entire #OOTD.

3. Experiment with colours on the same spectrum

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Prefer to go for the muted look? Experiment with a different shade of reds or similar colours of the same spectrum as red instead. Tote a brown mini quilted handbag and pair them with dark orange striped pants. Polish up your look with a chic pair of beige pointy loafer mules.

4. Go bold

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Ditch using the colour wheel to put your outfit altogether. Go bold and look stylish in full red. Match your staple red tank top with complementing red structured pants, complete with a fabulously red bag roomy enough for your essentials. Add the finishing touches with a pair of black strappy heels, or sling it back with a pair of oxblood pumps. Afterall, red is often considered an accessory to confidence and a projection of high energy.   

5. Go over the top 

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As they say, go big or go home. Rock red on red by pairing your favourite red top with a bottom that is a shade lighter or darker. Add a mud coloured sling bag to your ensemble, along with a subdued pair of black eyelet heels. Top it off with a straw hat to make a fashion statement – comes in handy for sun protection too!

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