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Dance The Party Night Away


Comfortable Shoes

As the end of the year approaches and your calendars get filled up with party invitations, the last thing you want to fret over is getting blisters on your feet when you should be letting your hair loose and having a great time.

On the search for comfortable party shoes you can actually dance in? It might sound like a feat, but trust us when we say we’ve got just the perfect recommendations for you for you to slay the party.

Here are our top picks for shoes that dress up your feet effortlessly and deliver on comfort, no matter which type of party-goer you are.

1.  The Bling Queen

You’re usually dressed up to the nines and you are undoubtedly the heart of the party. All eyes fall on you the moment you step in, for your dazzling bling steal the show.

Featured style: 1801-66 Strappy V-Cut Heels

The perfect shoe for you is…
a strappy pair of slingback heels.

Although a chic slingback offers less ankle support compared to a classic pump, they give more breathability and is ideal for staying cool at a party. You can even sneak some moments in between the party to revel in barefoot comfort – these elegant lady shoes are easy to kick off under the table and for slipping back into when you’re ready for the next dance.

Style Tip: Let the shoes do the talking. Show off these stunners with a short dress, or a showy pair of trousers that ends just right above the ankles. Accessorise with a big, statement earring to add some extra oomph to your outfit.

Power Dressing Tip: If you are daring, go for the full bling look and shine bright like a diamond. Otherwise, monochrome white, black or nude and mellow down on the accessories when wearing glitter shoes as they are already bold and bound to attract tons of attention.

2. Dress Queen

You believe in making a fashion statement and dress to reflect that. You’re daring in style, not afraid to experiment and leave an impression on others.

Featured style: 5906-3 Round Toe Timeless Heels

The perfect shoe for you is…
a classic pair of round toe heels.

Tone down your ensemble with a timeless round toe heel that completes any look effortlessly. Convey elegance with its metallic exterior, which adds some shine to complement your status. With its classic silhouette set on a low stiletto heel, it’s hard to go wrong with this pair of comfortable heels. 

Style Tip: You do not need to dress overtop to show that who’s in charge. Layering is the way to go.

Power Dressing Tip: Think leather jackets over bodycon dresses, or blazers over miniskirts and a chic blouse. The heels are sufficient to give you the height booster you desire while staying sufficiently comfortable with a slightly wide toe while exuding elegance.

3. The Cool Cat

There are times you look like you’ve been dragged to the party, simply because you’re playing it too cool. You value the company and good music the most when you’re at a party.

Featured style: JS51-6 Metallic Weaved Flats
6036 Red Envelope Chain Shoulder Bag

The perfect shoe for you is…
a fancy pair of flats.

Party shoes that won’t leave you hobbling in pain? A pair of show-stealing flats, of course. Metallic is the new neutral, and goes well with anything and everything in your wardrobe without compromising on style.

Style Tip: Casual cropped tops and denims seem like the perfect choice of outfit, for it allows you to freely groove to the music without worrying about any potential wardrobe malfunction. Channel your cool cat vibes and give nary a thought about what others think.


1801-66 Strappy V-Cut Heels

1801-66 Strappy V-Cut Heels

6036 Envelope Shoulder Bag

JS51-6 Metallic Weaved Flats

5906-3 Timeless Round Heels

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