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STYLE EDIT: 2019 Chinese New Year Style Guide

CNY Outfits for Perfect Mommies and Daughters Twinning

With Chinese New Year around the corner, this set the stage for the perfect mother and daughter twinning outfits! In our previous series, we have shared celeb tips for mother and daughter duos, styling tips from power mother-daughter duo, Audrey Tan and Kayla Sim and how to twin while travelling with your kids.


For this issue, scroll on for the top three tips to show up in style and impress your friends and family in twinning, non-tacky outfits this CNY period while looking delightfully coordinated with your little one this festive season.


Tip 1: Flower Power for Mini-me is so adorable

Featured Styles: 3869-2 Vintage Foldable Ballet Flats
BB3869-2 Vintage Foldable Kids Ballet Flats

What to wear:
The idea of a mini-me version is simply cuteness overload. Go bold this festive spring and be a fashion mama that your girl can look up to. Incorporate a splash of florals in your ensemble for extra femininity. Complement your little one’s outfit with a floral high low wrap dress for understated elegance.


For the little one: Put on a shimmery pink sweater in cutesy motifs to keep the chill at bay and match with a peated button skirt. Don your tot in the mini-me version for double the joy!


The finishing touch: As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, PAZZION has released a CNY capsule collection for you to usher in the festive Spring with your little ones. If you are not into being deck in all red, a pair of comfortable ballerina flats with a touch of oriental neutral would be just right. Or, pack them along for a quick style change over in-between house visits.


Tip 2: Casual Glamour for age-appropriate

Featured Styles: 2018-1 Nautical Bow Front Flats
BB3869-2 Vintage Foldable Kids Ballet Flats
3905-1 Quilted Wristlet Purse

What to wear: The trick to twinning is not to match everything with your mini-me. While assembling your overall outfit, remember to stay age-appropriate. If you are matching with your daughter who is at least twice younger than you, note the need to reflect your own style. You may go for a sleeveless top but your mini-me probably needs a puffy dress.


For your little one: Clad your baby in a textured dress adorned in red stripes that will keep the grandparents happy. Look chic yourself in a matching stripy skirt for you to twirl in, while keeping the top simple with a grey ribbed tee.

The Finishing Touch: Tote a red quilted wristlet purse around with you for extra luck and complete the look by slipping into a nautical bow front flat. Let your little one sport a pair of red vintage flats for a matchy-mismatchy look that totally complements you.

Tip 3: Go bold in bright colours

Featured Style: 9052 Quilted Leather Pouch
3869-2 Vintage Foldable Ballet Flats
BB3869-2 Vintage Foldable Kids Ballet Flats


What to wear: Celebrate mother and daughter bond! Children look the prettiest in vibrant shades or pastel tones. Be bold and go for a double style statement in striking red. Besides, strong colours can make you look youthful while you enjoy the moment with your miniature-you. Keep your look clean with a simple yet sophisticated maroon dress.

For your little one: Inspire others with your strong mother-daughter bond and keep your girl looking adorable in a flared ruffle top with printed bottoms.

The Finishing Touch: Paint the town red! Pair your outfit with a bold auspicious red ballerina flats and travel in comfort.  Or, pack them along for a quick style changeover in between house visits. Clutch a quilted leather pouch or sling it as a crossbody for your essentials.


3869-2 Vintage Foldable Flats

BB3869-2 Kids Foldable Flats

3905-1 Quilted Wristlet Purse

2018-1 Nautical Bow Flats

9052 Quilted Leather Pouch

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