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Celeb Fashion Styles

To Spice Up Your Work Edits

Style cues from Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Nina Dobrev

Power your office-appropriate workwear

Unless you are in some form of job occupations that require uniform dressing, dressing for work does not need to be boring and dull. There are many ways to inject some jest and yet still dress appropriately for your work edits to kill the Monday blues and give your confidence a boost and power your presence in the workplace through the workweek. 


Read on to find out how you can be workplace savvy to push your style envelope further and dress for the job you want to exude the charisma and add energy to reflect your most authentic self for your 9-to-5 routine.

The Fashion Girl Boss

Photos: Pinterest, Realstylenetwork


Command attention at ease while keeping your overall ensemble office appropriate. Get some style cues from brunette beauty, Jessica Alba, in a stunning crisp white top and paired with pleated rust trousers paired with a classy pair of heels to slay the girl boss look.

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Styling Tips: Conquer your hectic schedules of meetings and schedules in a formal yet sophisticated chic look that leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and clients.


Don an airy flounced blouse that exudes sophistication, and pair it with a white midi skirt with decorative buttons. Put on a simple gold necklace and chic gold-plated pearl earrings. Top it up with a beret and sunnies when you go out for your runway errands. Complete the entire look with a pair of comfortable black gold tipped bow pointy leather court heels elevated at just-right height and a matching go-to structured shoulder leather bag roomy enough to fit those client documents and your daily essentials.


The Fashion-Forward Frequent Flyer


Photos: TheBudgetBabe, Tipfinds, StyleInsider


Skip the monotonous look and glamour up your #OOTD with fashion-forward looks that still convey your authority at work but allows you to transit for after office hours. Opt for a smart-casual outlook with a blazer and pair with sleek jeans with easy styles from Victoria Beckham, Julianne Hough and Jessica Alba. Let your statement jacket and shoes do the talking while you strut beautifully from desk to airport layovers.


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Styling Tips: Dressing comfortably in your skin is crucial for you as a frequent flyer and with long airport layovers as you wait for your next flight in transit. Go for a light satin top and pair with a casual sleek jean topped with a rich rust coloured blazer to add some vibrancy to your look. Put on those dangling earrings and light pink shades while you catch some rest during the layover.


Team them up with a comfortable pair of square toe ribbon pleated leather flats that is compact enough for you to slip into your carry-on luggage or handbag during those stiletto fatigues for a quick changeover while adding textures to your ensembles. Tote along with a structured shoulder leather bag that will cover you for every situation on your trip to fit your handphone, emergency beauty kit, sleeping mask, passport and your work documents.

The Casual Friday Look

Photos: Zeberka, LookandFashionLola, Pinterest

Go easily for those dress-down Fridays with the ideal outfit to countdown to the weekends or even post-work dinner dates that suit everyone from the intern to the boss. Steal the look from Nina Dobrev or Miranda Kerr with a statement shoulder bag and some comfy flats while letting your hair loose.

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Styling Tips: Don a chic casual top with beaded shimmery embroidered details and team it up with a midi tulle skirt or flare jeans. You can also put on a pink pearl buckle belt for a sweet touch, and light pink scarf to accessorise or keep you warm in the office. Pair it with hoop earrings and metal framed shades. Slip into a comfortable pair of fitted ribbon ballerina leather flats to give your feet a break from stilettos and tote a structured shoulder leather bag that switches you from formal to casual in a blink of an eye.  

The Creative Freelancer

If you are in the creative industry, that leaves you with plenty of room to be bold and create an alluring look by playing with layers, colours or prints! Your day may typically involve a lot more walking but that allows you to exude creativity and express individuality through your own personal style at ease.


Stay trendy chic while you go about with your work or brainstorming some ideas while sipping a warm cuppa or making your rounds at fashion or media events.


Photos: Pinterest, Instyle, Glamour Magazine


Steal the look from the brunette style queen, Jessica Alba. Footwear is like the toppings on a cake, adding the final touch to your outfits, so strut confidently in a stunning bold red heel with a pop sweater and jeans for a casual outlook. Or, add a pop of colours like Reese Witherspoon in her red heels and matching handbag or cop the style from Blake Lively with her bold ensemble.


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Styling Tips:
Keep your thinking hat on and embrace bold red to your ensemble. Be the red queen in style and opt for a red draped satin top to pass off the luxe chic as you make your way across the media event. Pair over with a striking silver sequin jacket to add some shimmer to your look and slip into a comfortable pair of red gold tipped bow pointy leather court heels – perfect to make a statement as you mingle with other guests. Tote along a structured shoulder leather bag for all your knick-knacks and touch-up essentials and you are good to go! 



2099-6 Red Gold Tipped Bow Pointy Leather Court Heels

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