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Ath-Flow Fashion - Latest Trend Style

Exude Elegance in Comfort

With many of us still working from home due to the pandemic, the stay-home attire has lasted longer than what most of us expected, resulting in a shift in fashion consumption: from pre-pandemic smart tailoring to relaxed loungewear now.


Step aside Athleisure Fashion- it is time to embrace 2021’s newest trend style predicted by Pinterest – Ath-Flow Fashion, the newest trend born from the need to strike the right balance between relaxed and elegant. Defined as “flowy trousers, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits”, this style is meant to be professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy for the sofa. Exactly what we need to stay comfortable when working in the safety of our home and staying presentable during last-minute Zoom meetings.

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Ath-Flow Fashion has unmistakeably blurred the lines between workwear and home-wear, allowing for adaptation and innovation to mix comfort with professionalism- giving birth to a style trend that channels a new form of sartorial self-expression, centring on the wearer’s comfort above all.


Discover the key elements of Ath-Flow Fashion in this specially curated guide, for you to wing this style effortlessly.

Neutral Colours

Whites and neutrals are predominately used in Ath-Flow Fashion to bring about a more relaxed and zen vibe. However, try adding in a pop of colour to freshen up the look, making one look more polished instantly.

Featured Style: 7601-3 Peach Pom-Pom Rounded Toe Flats

While simplicity is key to elegance, it may lack edginess and character. Throw on a pastel pink blazer to make your breezy white dress more refined and polished for any work requirements. Perfect the look with comfortable flats such as the striking Peach Pom-Pom Rounded Toe Flats featuring a voluminous pom-pom at the vamp for a playful vibe.


Soft and Flowy Fabrics


Slick and flowy fabrics are often used for Ath-Flow Fashion to create cascading silhouettes to exude a carefree and flowing appearance. Soft materials like cotton and satin top the options for achieving that light and airy feel. Knits and velvets are also popular options for a cosier stay-home feel.


Featured Style: 7601-3 Green Pom-Pom Rounded Toe Flats

Styled your favourite printed satin blouse with a beige overall dress for a soft and gentle flowy silhouette, befitting the Ath-Flow Fashion’s take on casual, loose and comfortable apparel. Complete the look with classic flats in matching colours, such as the Green Pom-Pom rounded Toe Flats.


Loose and Oversized

Another key characteristic of Ath-Flow Fashion is the adoption of loose and oversized apparel. The oversized silhouette may present to be overly casual or even sloppy. Opting for sophisticated loungewear with intricate details such as puffed sleeves or modern stitch patterns would solve this style worry and present an effortlessly trendy outlook.

Featured Style: 623-1A Pink Chunky Athleisure Mesh Sneaker

Transit effortlessly from home office to the gym by teaming sneakers with an oversized polo dress for a sporty appeal. Choose sneakers with interesting detailing such as the Pink Chunky Athleisure Mesh Sneakers featuring a uniquely sculpted platform sole for that added fashion allure. The breathability mesh material makes it easy to slip on, perfect for lounging in a hassle-free manner. Opt for an oversized polo dress with a crisp collar for a more professional vibe during your video calls.



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