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2020 Fashion Trends:  

Spring Summer Looks

To Stand Out

Invite Spring Into Your Wardrobe

From the Spring Summer 2020 Colour Trend Report, Best Street Styles To Cop This Season to Top Celeb Athleisure Trends for your Fitness Fashion, we round up the top must-have trends that will soon get you obsessed with the new fashion season with a touch of practicality that will leave nobody in the shadows.

Here’s your quick guide for you to explore them right off the bat.


Utility Fashion

The coolest in-trend is a combo of fashion and functionality. It is a perennial favourite – universally flattering, easy to match and without the need for you to dwell too much into thoughts. The rule is to keep all things simple and clean.


As seen on celeb fashionista, Gigi Hadid, go for a jungle-inspired look and switch to chic safari mode in a utilitarian jumpsuit or opt for a breezy look in romper shorts version. If you prefer something light, go for classic cargo pants with large pockets and cute drawstring ends for the puffy baggy pants look.

Photos: whowhatwear, pinterest, vogue

Style the jungle adventure look like Gigi Hadid with trendy asymmetrical cut-out cropped top and pair it with classic beige cargo pants for the perfect power combi. Give a sweet twist with a romper version in popular SS20 coral pink colour or go full chic in a utilitarian jumpsuit for the explorer mode.

 Featured Styles: LT6233-27 Beige Studs Embellished Leather Sandals, 87186-1 Pewter Metallic Mod Top-Handle Mini Leather Shoulder Bag


Style Tips: For the weekends, its a no-brainer. Team up an asymmetrical tank top and pair it with matching beige cargo pants. Pair it with a pair of comfortable, breezy gladiator-inspired Beige Studs Embellished Leather Sandals adorned with striking pyramid-shaped silver embellishments to embrace the mood of carefree summer as you stroll about.

Stash your outdoor essentials in a new mini-shape silhouette refined for the everyday fashion queen with a Pewter Metallic Mod Top-Handle Mini Leather Shoulder Bag as your statement accessory. Don’t forget your shades and sunscreen too!

Business Casual

In more formal settings like the office, there are many ways to spice up your business casual looks other than sporty shorts or blazers. Don on a collared shirt with cute printed bottoms or slit skirts for the sophisticated appeal.

Pro-Tips: Keep it more formal for the tops and play with bottoms, footwear and accessories!

Photos: loveandpr, kendam, zoereport


If you are feeling ethereal, spring is looking exceptionally boon time for the puffy white ensemble. Immortalise your vision of femininity in a cute puffy-sleeved mini dress. Or, go for a bohemian-inspired look in high neck mid sleeve satin blouse with beige pink printed trousers. Replace your usual belt with a floral printed scarf and tie it loosely over your waist. For a sophisticated flair, go for a top-to-toe white ensemble for the perfect marriage of white collared blouse and classy slit tie-on midi skirt. Perhaps, tricky to stay clean but the most effortless way to stay chic through the season.

 Featured Style: 912A-2 Camel Buckled Pointy Toe Leather Wedge Pumps

Style Tips:
For on-duty days, you can still exude carefree summery vibes in neon green striped tailored blouse and matching tie-string skirt with a cute side slit.

Put on your classy metal framed shades and grab your cuppa in a pair of comfy, timeless Camel Buckled Pointy Toe Leather Wedge Pumps with soft padded leather insoles. Elevate your workwear ensemble instantly with this timeless, statement-making pair from office to post-work events.

Back To 70's/80's

Revive the 80’s dream by bringing back the classic retro prints and styles. Leave it up to your interpretation and be inspired with trendy modern and nostalgic retro elements for the massive throwback.


Photos: tag-walk, fashionspot, vogue

Go for a colourful spin and you can be sure that plaids are taking pride in the new season! Play with polka dots, checked prints and plaids, to flashy poppy colours and grace the streets in style. Elevate the look with cute layering and accessorise your hair with a sunhat and puffy hair bands.

Featured Style: 2635-1 Camel Buckled Leather Slides

Style Tips: Slide into weekend comfort with a style that will fast become your favourite footwear rotation that will elevate your overlook appeal with a 70s inspired checkered dress and a complimenting pair of Camel Buckled Leather Slides for an understated, sweet charming look. For a subtle, irresistible punch, style your look with cute polka framed shades and a breezy sunhat for an irresistible punch!


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