Our Benefits

Our Benefits


Hospitalisation Insurance Reimbursement - Employees get reimbursed for their hospitalisation insurance policies.


Free Company Products - Up to 10 complimentary shoes and bags for all employees per year.


Staff Discounts - Employees get to enjoy greater discounts for purchases of brand's products.


Monthly Birthday celebration - Company celebrates employees' birthdays with birthday lunches, cakes and hand-made personalised birthday cards every month.


Birthday Off - Birthday babies are entitled to a birthday off during their birthday months.


Company Dinner - Annual dinner will be hosted with great prizes to win and for the appreciation of our employees for their contributions.


Long Service Awards - Each and every employee are being recognised for their contributions and commitment towards the Company and are rewarded accordingly.


Company Outing - Company outings are organised each year for the whole company to bond and get to know everyone outside of work.


Bonus Package - The Company offers attractive bonuses such as the variable bonus to employees based on Company and individual performances, as well as the Annual Wage Supplement as part of the bonus package.


Corporate Social Responsibility - Rise by lifting others! We are firm believers of giving back to the community and we are heavily involved in such initiatives.


Dress Code - We do not believe in corporate formal wear, just dress fashionably for work!


Workplace Environment - Aesthetically pleasing and conducive environment to work within! Seeing is believing!  


Medical Coverage - Employees get covered for their medical expenses whenever they visit our list of panel clinics located islandwide.


Dental Claim - Employees get reimbursement up to $100 each year for their dental claims.


Wellbeing Benefits - Enjoy discounts and promotional offers for wellbeing benefits ranging from F&B, Health & Fitness, Shopping & Retail & Lifestyle Recreations.


Continuous Learning & Development Program - Structured learning roadmaps for each and every employee in the Company.


Career Progression - Clear and transparent job grade structure with career progression path for all employees.


Leadership Development - 1 to 1 leadership coaching and development for all our top talents.


Annual Leaves - Employees can get up to 18 days of annual leave per year.


Monthly Cash Incentives - Employees are entitled to a monthly cash incentive of up to $150.


Employee Referral Scheme - The Company believes in putting the right person in the right position. We believe that our employees are in the best position to refer someone of good fit and suitability. 


Time-off Flexibility - The Company offers time-off flexibility for those in need which in turns drives higher productivity and motivation.


Pantry - Our office is equipped with a gorgeous pantry, together with nice food and beverages.


Monthly Welfare Allowance - Our Retail employees get to enjoy the welfare allowance for their monthly birthday celebrations, food and beverages for team bonding.


Culture - Fun-loving and super nice colleagues to make every day wonderful! Our people are our most important assets and they shape who we are now. 

* Terms and conditions apply for each of the stated Company benefits.