Held in 1997, the Fuji Rock Festival has been going on for more than 20 years. Unlike all the other music festivals, Fuji Rock Festival has a unique unchanging goal, which is to be the cleanest festival in the world, making it the only festival to do so. Sounds boring? Don’t be fooled, for the Fuji Rock Festival attracts more than a 100,000 people each summer making it the biggest outdoor festival in Japan. Although it has been called the Fuji Rock Festival, it actually hasn’t been held anywhere near Mt. Fuji since that one time in 1997 and instead has been held in Naeba Ski Resort.

Practicality First

Fuji Rock fashion is centered around practicality. Held on a mountain, the weather change is extreme. Also known for its unique sustainability culture and divergence from your typical festival fashion, all-weather clothing such as long sleeve under garments, fleece outerwear, and other comfortable clothing are most adorned at the Fuji Rock Festival.

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Utilitarian Style

Due to the unpredictable weather, function precedes form and rock outdoorsy outfits are the fashion. The implausible fashion style that is bucket hats, poncho and rain boots, together, is one of the go-to styles for Fuji Rock Festival and they are surprisingly pulling it off.

Haute Outdoors

If you can’t imagine yourself in the trinity that is bucket hats, poncho and rain boots, fret not, for you can bring the Haute Couture outdoors. By marrying outdoor gear with more fashionable streetwear you can sport the trendier iterations such as technical jackets or athleisure which can be worn with comfy sneakers instead of rainboots as the outdoors look has become a lifestyle in Japanese fashion.

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Festivals are not only fun, but also tiring and the last thing we want is to be stuck in shoes or outfits that add to the suffering. If comfort is your top priority, check out our carefully Curated Selection of Sneakers or our Sustainable Collection now, for the most unique eco-friendly music festival!

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