PAZZION Supports Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)

PAZZION Supports

Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)

In our 4-part series to celebrate the women who triumphed breast cancer with early detection, we speak to four of these inspirational heroines on their journey to find strength and overcome the odds with positivity in life.


Early Detection Matters. Meet the inspirational champions.

Meet Tracy Hoo, a brave survivor in her 30s.

Tracy’s aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and it struck her to go for a health check-up. She was detected with breast cancer at an early age of 29.


Having undergone mastectomy with reconstruction, today, she raises awareness of the importance of early detection and provides support to other young women.


Today, she is a leader at the Young Women’s Support group and an active volunteer at BCF.

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Iris Lim is the chairwoman of the PA Women Executive Committee (WEC) and an ambassador of Mammobus.


As a volunteer on Mammobus, she decided to do a self-check. At the age of 46, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Despite her diagnosis, she handled it positively and underwent mastectomy, followed by reconstruction.


Iris sees the need to feel and look confident. Throughout her journey, she maintained her appearance by investing in hair wigs. Through her experience, she has also donated many wigs to BCF to help other women going through the same journey.

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Natasha Sheikh has always been very active in life. She first felt a lump at the age of 39 and was later diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She underwent immediate treatment.


Today, after 5 months of her treatment, Natasha is now a volunteer belly dance teacher at BCF every Friday.

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Adlina Bte Suparman is a stay home mum and a mother of two. Due to her family medical history, she made the decision to start breast screening at the earliest recommended age of 40.


During her second mammogram, she was diagnosed with Stage 1B invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 42. She has successfully beaten cancer into remission and does not need chemo and radiotherapies.  

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In support of BCF’s – Early Detection, Save Lives, Save Breasts campaign, this year, PAZZION has designed an exclusive Pink Stardust Foldable Flats to convey the message in conducting regular breast health checks.

From 1 – 31st October 2019, 30% of the nett sales proceeds from the sale of the exclusive designed foldable flats will be donated to BCF.

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